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Homemade Flea & Tick Powder Recipe For Dogs

This homemade flea and tick powder is a little less than a 2% topical essential oil dilution, which is considered safe for regular use. I like to rotate the oils I use every batch or so to avoid sensitization. The mason jar with shaker top pictured above is no longer available, but this one is similar.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Author Heather Dessinger



To Make Homemade Tick & Flea Powder

  • Add food grade diatomaceous earth, neem powder, arrowroot powder and essential oils to a jar.
  • Using a fork, stir slowly until the essential oils and powders are well-combined.

To Use Homemade Tick & Flea Powder

  • You’ll want to be outside. Using the shaker, shake a small amount of powder into the palm of your hand.
  • Rake your fingers against the grain through your pet's fur, making sure to maintain contact with the skin as you rub your fingers through the fur. For most dogs, you’ll be able to see where you’ve rubbed in the powder as some slight dusting will remain on the outer coat.
  • Repeat with additional powder shaken into the palm and raked into the fur until the back, torso, legs, tail, and neck have been covered. Be careful around the eyes and mouth because the powder can irritate the mucosa.
  • Between applications I also spritz our dogs outer coat with this tick repellent recipe as needed – the dilution is within the safe range for dogs and all the essential oils are considered dog-safe as well.