Apollo Neuro

This wearable device uses subtle vibrations (haptic feedback) to help our brain and body feel safe, resulting in benefits like reduced stress levels, better sleep, and improved focus.

It was developed by neuroscientist and psychiatrist Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD and has been validated by “gold standard” double-blind randomized placebo controlled crossover trials. Here are some things I love about it: 

🔹 Customizable: Whether you’re looking for a serene night’s sleep, a burst of focus, or midday relaxation, choose the mode that fits your needs at the moment. Another option is to create a daily rhythm of sessions that automatically activate throughout the day based on your goals. 

🔹 Airplane Mode – Apollo Neuro sessions are activated via an app on your phone, but when you’re finished you can easily set the device to airplane mode so that it’s EMF-free. 

🔹 Scientifically-Backed: The Apollo wearable has been shown via 7 clinical trials to improve sleep quality, sharpen focus, improve heart rate variability, amplify performance, and promote recovery.

🔹 Discreet: The Apollo is silent and can be worn anywhere without drawing attention. 

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