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BioBalance full body PEMF mat, pillow applicator and control unit

A few of my friends affectionately call my house “The Lab” because I love to test everything from traditional Ayurvedic remedies to modern neurofeedback training

Though many of my favorite wellness practices are inexpensive or free – like drinking burdock root tea and getting daily sunlight – every once in awhile I come across a therapy that’s worth making an investment in. 

This year, after trying PEMF therapy devices at friends’ houses, my functional medicine MD’s office, and in sessions with a local PEMF therapist, I finally decided to test a couple of devices for at-home use. 

As you’ve probably guessed by the title of this article, one of those devices was the BioBalance PEMF Mat

It has turned out to be one of the wellness tools I use most often, both because of how easy it is to incorporate into my routine and how great I feel with consistent use. 

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA, this article is not medical advice, and it is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition. 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you might be wondering . . . 

What are the benefits of PEMF therapy?

If you’ve ever said “I just need to recharge” or looked at the low battery alert on your phone and felt like it represented how you feel, you were probably right. Our cells are like tesla batteries that can lose charge (transmembrane potential). 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy – PEMF Therapy for short – mimics a natural recharging mechanism that activates our innate repair processes, and it has tons of benefits including: 

  • Cellular Energy Production
  • Skin Resilience & Hydration
  • Cognitive Function
  • Blood Oxygenation & Circulation
  • Detoxification & Immune Function
  • Deep Sleep
  • Pain Reduction
  • Stress Relief
  • Bone Healing & Strength
  • Tissue Repair & Muscle Recovery

For a deeper dive into the science behind PEMF therapy and its benefits, check out this article

Choosing A PEMF Therapy Device

There are a lot of PEMF devices on the market. Some are primarily intended for whole-body use, while others are designed to work specifically on a local area like the lower back or a knee. 

The intensity of the device can vary, too, and there are other things to consider like usability and therapy session length. Here are the factors that went into my selection process: 

  • Does it offers a variety of beneficial frequency settings based on what has been shown in research to be most therapeutic?
  • Is it designed to target the whole body or a local area? 
  • Is it low, medium, or high intensity?
  • Is it the most affordable option that can deliver the therapeutic benefits I am looking for?
  • What waveform is used?

For my at-home testing, I chose the low/medium intensity BioBalance PEMF Mat that comes with whole-body and local applicators along with the Flexpulse, which is higher in intensity and best for local area application. 

Why I Love The BioBalance PEMF Mat

Optimal Frequency Ranges

The BioBalance incorporates all the therapeutic frequencies that are most important to me into six different settings – Balance, Alert, Relax, Sleep, Recovery, and Sweep. 

As I touch on in the video above, the first thing that drew me to the BioBalance Mat is that it has a Sleep Program that can be used before or during sleep and will run for up to 12 hours. When I first ordered the mat I was working through a pretty intense detoxification phase as part of my healing journey, and it was seriously messing with my sleep. 

When the BioBalance arrived I immediately tried the Sleep Program and found that I consistently slept more deeply and for longer periods of time with it. 

After a few weeks of using the Sleep Program, I felt my sleep reset and was able to lower the intensity while still getting deep rest. I’m now at the point that I only use it occasionally at night, but my daytime use has gone way up. 

For me, the Sleep Program is more of an intense therapeutic experience, while the daytime programs are more like good, consistent nutrition – they help me keep my cellular batteries recharged so that I can function at my best. You’ll find a detailed description of each therapeutic program later in this post.

Whole Body & Local Applicators

The BioBalance comes with a large full body mat plus a pillow pad that can be applied to local area like the lower back, a knee, etc. They’re both super comfy – which is important since the mat can be slept on overnight – and they can be used either separately or together

Adjustable Intensity Levels

The BioBalance is a low to medium intensity device (10 gauss  or 1,000 microTesla). Based on my research and personal experience this is often a good range for overall wellness support, while higher intensities are sometimes desired to support something like a surgery recovery. 

At 100% intensity the BioBalance PEMF Mat reaches 10 gauss, but it can be adjusted all the way to 1% intensity. I love that I can adjust it so that it’s very gentle or more intense as needed.

Easy, Convenient & Portable

The BioBalance can run off a rechargeable battery OR plug into the wall, making it perfect for at-home or on-the-go use. I’ve actually used my pillow pad on long road trips thanks to its portability feature. 

Also, as I show in the video above, when you select a particular setting on the control unit, you get a brief description of the therapeutic benefits of the setting and the ideal time to use it (day, night, etc.).

The amount of time needed to run the Sweep Program (described below) is just 10 minutes, but the rest of the programs can be set based on how long you want a session to be – anywhere from a few minutes to 12 hours.

Most settings run through several frequencies in a session, which means that I get a wide variety of them without having to wrangle 50 different setting options. The “done-for-you” aspect made it easy to use right out of the box, and I’ve found that I use it more often than some other devices because of how easy it is to start a session. 

The 6 BioBalance PEMF Therapy Programs

Here’s an overview of the six therapeutic programs as described on this BioBalance info page:

1. Balance Program

Theta band frequency (7.8 Hz) – the so called Schumann resonance. This is the planetary frequency by which the brain is most consistently stimulated.

Theta band is a great frequency for meditation, relaxation, light sleep, for healers, pre-performance jitters, and just generally mildly quieting down the brain.

If one doesn’t know what program to choose, this is our number two choice after the Recovery program.

2. Alert Program

Beta band frequencies (13-23 Hz). Frequencies are spread out evenly over the course of the chosen treatment time.

Beta band is the frequency of the brain in an alert state. In this state we are wide-awake, learning, thinking, judging, memorizing, reacting quickly, integrating our thoughts, and many other functions.

The Alert Program is like a cup of coffee without the caffeine – it makes you alert but not over-revved or over-stimulated. 

3. Relax Program

Alpha/Theta (13 – 4 Hz) – descending from alpha (13-8 Hz) through theta (4-8 Hz) bands. Frequencies are spread out evenly over the course of the chosen treatment time

Useful program for basic relaxation (“wind me down” program) and stress reduction.

Alpha band is the resting state of the brain and a good program for those who are hyper, anxious, restless, or with ADD/ADHD. Theta is for deep relaxation and the lighter stages of sleep, including REM sleep. It can help with falling asleep and can be used before using the SLEEP PROGRAM to more effectively slow brain activity before going to sleep. This can be an especially useful program for people with chronic pain. This program can help with theta learning and creativity and enhance meditation.

4. Sleep Program

4 – 0.5 Hz Descending Delta frequencies. These are the slowest but loudest brainwaves (low frequency and deeply penetrating, like a drum beat). They are generated in deepest sleep.

Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why this deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process.

The sleep program may be used for part of the night or through the whole night. It can be combined with both the whole body pad and the small pad. The small pad may be placed under the pillow. The best results may be seen with the maximum intensity, used for the whole night. The sleep program may also be used more effectively for deep relaxation when there is too much brain arousal.

5. Recovery Program

10 Hz is in the alpha brainwave frequency band (8-13 Hz). People in alpha are relaxed, meditative, mindful.

10 Hz stimulation has been studied by NASA  on stem cells and discovered about a 400% increase in neural stem cells and a large increase in various tissue repair growth factors. So 10 Hz is a useful signal for tissue and cell regeneration in general and especially for brain and nerve tissues.

Other research found that 10 Hz stabilizes circadian rhythms, so this will help with restoring jetlag, other sleep disturbances and recovery from major stress or illness.

6. Sweep Program

The Sweep Program is designed to give the body multiple frequency choices. We don’t always know which frequencies the body needs at any given time. The body will listen to whichever frequencies it needs – some frequencies are ignored and some are listened to.

Each time a sweep program is run, different frequencies are likely to be “heard”, activating the cells that “hear” them. This way many cells can be activated with each sweep – this is like a having a banquet vs a single food.

This is a good broad-spectrum physiologic tuning program. It is added to provide a broad spectrum of Rife-like frequencies. It may be ideal to do at least one daily treatment with the sweep program.

Up close view of the BioBalance PEMF mat

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can two people use the BioBalance at the same time?

Yes, one person can use the mat and another person can use the pillow pad.

Is the BioBalance safe for kids?

According to the company, “Yes, this device is safe for kids and for pets. Please consult with a PEMF physician or vet (for pets) before using of any of these systems.”

How does this PEMF therapy mat compare to other popular PEMF machines like the Bemer or Omi? 

Obviously each manufacturer thinks their PEMF product is the best, but BioBalance did put together a comparison chart that I found helpful while researching. You can find it here

For answers to more frequently asked questions, check out this page on the BioBalance PEMF Mat site

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