Can a Weston A. Price Diet Reverse Tooth Decay?

Heather Dessinger

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If you’re new here you may have missed how I kissed toothpaste goodbye and watched two of Katie’s cavities heal right before my eyes.

Sadly, confidence in my cavity correcting superpowers has been waning lately. As I said back then, there was still a lot of healing to be done in her mouth. And as you can see in the picture below, that didn’t happen.

Can a Weston A. Price Diet Reverse Tooth Decay?

At the time I wrote that post Katie still had two decalcified incisor teeth and the tips of her front teeth were so thin they were almost translucent. We implemented Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay protocol (which  is based on Dr. Price’s research) and almost immediately her front teeth solidified. The enamel near the top of her incisors regained their luster, but overall they became increasingly discolored.

I failed, and I felt the sting of it every time she smiled at a stranger and they looked at me wonderingly. I wanted to explain that I wasn’t negligent . . . that she’d never even had a processed food, but truth is I agreed with their disapproving looks. How could I let this happen and not do anything about it?

Because I didn’t know what to do. A dentist (who is a family friend) told us that the decay wasn’t spreading so it was best to avoid fillings and just let it be. But what if it was spreading and we just couldn’t see it? What would I do if my choice caused her adult teeth to be damaged??? I had to find out.

“This Is Alex And She Needs Her Teefies Checked”

Katie signs in her babydoll and “fills-out” some insurance forms. I make a mental note that my bank deposit receipt is now doubling as a medical record for baby Alex, but just can’t stop gaping at the copy of Cure Tooth Decay front and center on the bookshelf.

Mental calculations on the likelihood that we’ve been sucked into a parallel universe with better healthcare are almost complete when Dr. Petre walks in. She takes a look in Katie’s mouth and gives me the grim assessment, “We can fill them or  I can try to save as much as I can until they fall out,” she says, then leans back in to probe a little. Shock floods her face for a moment and she smiles at me. “These teeth are completely hard! How is this possible??”

“Well, I’ve been using that Healing Tooth Decay protocol in your waiting room for a couple of years.”

“This is what we preach day after day but almost no one actually does it! You are a good mama!” ***Blush***

Understanding the words coming out of her mouth feels like solving quadratic equations while birthing a baby. They look so decayed and crumbly, but Dr. Petre tells me that Katie’s teeth are healthy and strong. A stained, crusty layer of decay is all that’s left of her “weak” teeth, and in just 15 minutes she’s polished most of it off. There are still a few deep stains we couldn’t get to because Katie was afraid of the drill, but here’s her new smile.

Can a Weston A. Price Diet Reverse Tooth Decay?

Can a Weston A. Price Diet Reverse Tooth Decay?

Can a Weston A. Price Diet Reverse Tooth Decay?

In case there’s any doubt, we had Katie’s teeth assessed by a dentist two years ago. He described them as weak and porous. The fact that her front tooth broke off without even so much as a fall says it all. There was little hope they’d make it to her 6th birthday intact and yet yesterday those very same teeth were deemed strong and healthy.

I pulled up the toothpaste post so that I could link to it this morning and found that, ironically, it was written one year ago today. Totally not planned, but isn’t it amazing how things come full circle?

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