Clearly Filtered 3-Stage Under Sink Filter 🚰

This is the system I upgraded my home to after researching water filtration for a year. As I cover in more detail in this review, it removes up to 99.99% of 232+ tap water contaminants, including:⁠ ⁠

❌ Fluoride⁠
❌ Lead⁠
❌ Chlorine⁠
❌ Pesticides⁠
❌ Herbicides⁠
❌ Microplastics⁠
❌ Phthalates⁠
❌ Pharmaceuticals ⁠
❌ Toxic “forever chemicals” like PFAS

. . . all while keeping beneficial minerals intact. Here are some other reasons I chose it:

✅ Built in the USA with medical-grade materials
✅ Long lasting filter life
✅ Doesn’t waste water like reverse osmosis systems
✅ Non-permanent & easy installation (Doesn’t require a plumber, dedicated faucet, or storage tank)
✅ Built in the USA with medical-grade materials

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