7 Thoughtful Last Minute Gift Ideas

Heather Dessinger

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healthy last minute gift ideas

Have I ever told you about Operation Popcorn & PJ’s — the night where my husband and I tell our kids to get ready for bed as usual, then surprise them at the last minute by piling them into the car with gingerbread cookies to drive around and look at holiday lights?

Most years we plan it for a certain day, then reschedule the mission because another activity takes way longer than expected, or I forget an ingredient for the cookies, or . . . life. 

All that to say, if you planned to have your holiday shopping done by now and life got in the way, I get it. Here are seven last minute gift ideas that are truly thoughtful and don’t scream “I picked this up at the grocery store fifteen minutes ago.”

Or if you prefer – here are some homemade gift ideas that turn out beautifully and don’t require any special skills.

7 Thoughtful Last Minute Gift Ideas

1. 100% Pure Gift Card

Give the gift of fruit pigmented makeup and natural skincare while letting your recipient pick out their favorite products. There are lots of shades and goal-specific products to choose from – acne, sensitive skin, dry skin and more.

Click here to give an online gift card to 100% Pure

Something to put under the tree. Fruit with a card that holds the gift certificate. Anything with a rich pigment would be perfect . . . maybe homemade chocolate covered strawberries if you’re feeling like an overachiever. Just make sure to store them in the fridge until it’s time to unwrap gifts.

Herbal Academy infusions

2. The Making Herbal Preparations 101 Course from Herbal Academy

Perfect for the curious beginner herbalist, this course covers the four basic categories of herbal preparations, 12 everyday safe herbs to use at home, and 33 DIY herbal recipes from teas and tinctures to salves and oils.

This course will guide your recipient through 7 convenient and compact lessons that are chock-full of hands-on activities, videos, and helpful herbal charts to guide them on their way to making herbal preparations at home. 

Check out Making Herbal Preparations 101 here.

Something to put under the tree: There are a lot of options here. You could tie a handwritten card with course details to a small hunk of beeswax (often found at health food stores) that your recipient can use to make herbal salves. Another idea would be to tie a fresh sprig of rosemary to the outside of a card with details inside.

teach kids to cook course

3. Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Your kids learn an essential skill they need in order to eat healthy, and someone makes dinner instead of you. The Kids Cook Real Food Course is taught by my friend Katie, a trained teacher with a passion for making sure our children know how to nourish themselves well before they head off to college.

You can read about why I love Kids Cook Real Food here, or go here and click the gift icon to buy the course.

Something to put under the tree: Cute little aprons or whisks.

branwyn gift card

4. Branwyn or Vibrant Body Gift Card

Most bras contain painful, lymph restricting underwires and chemical-laden fabrics than can easily transfer toxins into our skin due to long periods of contact time. Even underwire-free options like sports bras come with serious concerns – a recent study found that many contain BPA. My non-toxic merino wool bralette from Branwyn is one of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever owned, period.

It’s super soft and lasts 2-3 times longer than organic cotton bras. It’s unlined so I only wear it with thicker tops, but even with that it’s still an absolute favorite. They offer gift cards in $25, $50, and $75+ denominations.

Vibrant Body Company also makes bras, underwear and shelfie tank tops that are comfortable and truly supportive. They’re made with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified clean ingredients and no underwires.

Click here to grab a Branwyn Gift Card or click here to order a Vibrant Body Company gift card (SAVE20% WITH MP20)

black friday sale kiwi co

5. Kiwi Co or Green Kid Crafts Subscription

KiwiCo Crates makes creative project crates that are sorted by age. Kids love them, and parents love getting a quiet afternoon when they arrive. Click here to check them out.

Green Kid Crafts is another fun option, and right now you can save 20% on 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions with code HOLIDAY. Click here to check them out.

Something to put under the tree: A note telling your recipient to expect something fun in the mail. (Kids love mail!)

meal planning

6. Real Plans Membership

Real Plans is way more than a meal generator or menu planner – it’s like having a personal TIME SAVING kitchen assistant that takes your recipients schedule into account, knows his/her dietary quirks, and even delivers a shopping list to his/her phone so they never forget anything.

To give Real Plans as a gift: At checkout, you can provide a recipient email address and gift message. Also, you can choose the date you’d like the gift sent and you’ll only pay for the first subscription period. After that, if your recipient wants to keep up the planning they can add their own payment method. You’ll be sent a confirmation email once your order is complete.

Click here to give a Real Plans membership.

Something to put under the tree: Some fair trade chocolate and a card.

last minute gifts thrive market

7. Thrive Market Membership

It’s Whole Foods meets Costco, only your gift recipient doesn’t even have to leave the house. Members save 25-55% on organic groceries, real food, supplements, personal care, beauty products and home goods that are delivered directly to their door.

Click here to give a Thrive Market membership.

Something to put under the tree: A sampling of something they sell. Awesome coffee, maybe, or chocolate.

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