Why I Don’t Use Grapefruit Seed Extract

Heather Dessinger

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Concerns about grapefruit seed extract

So you have food poisoning, an earache, and a bottle of homemade lotion to preserve? There’s an extract for that.

This cosmetic preservative is touted as a natural treatment for eczema, acne, cold sores, athlete’s foot, candida/thrush, sore throats, Group B Strep (GBS), stomach bugs, parasites, food poisoning, wart, gingivitis and atypical boogie woogie.

I’m talking about grapefruit seed extract, of course. Now, since this is a post about why I don’t use it you might expect me to say the claims made about grapefruit seed extract (GSE) are false. Many of them are actually supported by research. (Except, of course, that last “disease” because I, er, made it up.)

Yep, many of these claims can be backed up with studies, such as this one which found that it performs as well as 30 antibiotics and 18 fungicides.

So why will you not find GSE in my ebook, DIY Organic Beauty Recipes, or any recipe on this site? Because according to the findings of some experts, it doesn’t contain naturally antimicrobial properties. Instead, they contend that the antimicrobial nature of GSE is due to chemical residues left behind after processing.

Confusing Labels

According to grapefruit seed extract manufacturers, the main constituent of their extract is diphenol hydroxybenzene. Now, just because a compound sounds scary doesn’t mean it is. I eat sodium chloride on my eggs almost every morning and I’m still here. (It’s sea salt)

Still, I wanted to know whether diphenol hydroxybenzene is considered a natural compound or synthetic chemical. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database had never heard of it. Neither had ChemSpider, which is the official database of the Royal Society of Chemistry. By the time I checked OSHA I was starting to get suspicious. Why isn’t there any information on this chemical?

According to Steve Humphries, PhD, “people with chemistry training will recognise that the description ‘diphenol hydroxybenzene’ is not the correct way to name a chemical compound. ‘Hydroxybenzene’ is a benzene ring with a hydroxy group attached, ‘phenol’ is also a benzene ring with a hydroxy group attached. So ‘diphenol hydroxybenzene’ just loosely says that we have some benzene rings with hydroxy groups stuck on them somewhere!” (source)

According to this article, it’s likely that diphenol hydroxybenzene is an abbreviated name for another, unspecified chemical.

So What’s Really In Grapefruit Seed Extract?

First, let me say that though it sounds similar, grapefruit seed extract is very different than grapefruit essential oil or grapeseed oil. Now that we’ve tidied up that bit of business let’s move on!

In a 2001 study supervised by chemist G. Takeoka, researchers found that the primary active ingredient in commercial preparations of grapefruit seed extract was benzethonium chloride or benzalkonium chloride, both synthetic compounds. Additional studies confirmed these results. (source) The Environmental Working Group lists benzalkonium chloride as a known immune system toxin and respiratory toxin. (source) It is commonly used in drain cleaner, disinfectants and other cleaning products.

“Some samples were shown to contain up to 22% benzalkonium chloride by weight, despite the known allergenicity[22] and toxicity[23] of the compound at higher doses.[6]” (source)

Grapefruit seed extract manufacturers responded to this finding by claiming that diphenol hydroxybenzene – which as I mentioned is not listed in any of the databases I searched – is just really easy to confuse for benzethonium chloride.

Maybe that’s accurate. Then again, in the words of Dr. Humphries, “If you believe that multiple independent universities using a variety of sophisticated analyses can all be wrong, and all mistakenly identify exactly the same chemical, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you :)” (source, emphasis mine)

Other synthetic chemicals/preservatives that have been found in grapefruit seed extract include:

  • Triclosan – A known endocrine (hormone) disruptor that induces reproductive toxicity. It is also suspected to impair heart function and muscle function  Known to be toxic at very low concentations (source)
  • Methylparaben – Linked to cancer,hormone disruption, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and skin irritation. (source)


How Is This Possible?

The answer may be pretty simple.

“Self-made pure GSE processed without solvents is prepared by grinding the grapefruit seed and juiceless pulp, then mixing with glycerin.[1]

Commercially available GSE sold to consumers are made from the seed, pulp, glycerin, and synthetic preservatives all blended together.[1]“(source)

According to at least one study, it is not the grapefruit seed extract – but instead the added preservatives – that demonstrate antimicrobial activity.

Thus, it is concluded that the potent as well as nearly universal antimicrobial activity being attributed to grapefruit seed extract is merely due to the synthetic preservative agents contained within. Natural products with antimicrobial activity do not appear to be present.” (source, emphasis mine)

What About Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract?

Even “pure organic” grapefruit seed extract contains roughly 60% diphenol hydroxybenzene. According to this post, that’s because “organic” GSE is approved by The Soil Association.

“The Soil Association is the European organic standard, and the requirements are much less strict than that of the USDA. They will allow and certify a synthetic chemical like GSE if it meets certain criteria for biodegradability, aquatic toxicity and bioaccumulation. So, since the grapefruits were organically grown, and it meets the requirements, they approve the extract as organic, even though it’s a synthetic chemical. The Soil Association also approves Phenoxyethanol as a preservative ingredient. The USDA will not certify GSE, or allow it in a certified organic product.” (source)

Bottom Line

Personally, I am just not convinced that the antimicrobial properties of grapefruit seed extract are naturally derived, so I don’t use it in my products.

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Heather is a holistic health educator, herbalist, DIYer, Lyme and mold warrior. Since founding Mommypotamus.com in 2009, Heather has been taking complicated health research and making it easy to understand. She shares tested natural recipes and herbal remedies with millions of naturally minded mamas around the world. 

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  1. I tried using this stuff over and over again for our thrush issues and it just made things so much worse everytime. Now I know why, thank you for sharing!

    • That’s funny, since I’ve known multiple cases of it working brilliantly for thrush specifically. I would love to hear your definition of “made things so much worse” and I also wonder if you bought the fake crap GSE that is widely available on the market instead of the real stuff? Does it taste incredibly bitter? Does it make a huge amount of foam when you shake it up (even just a couple drops) in a water bottle? If you answered “no” to those questions, you got stuck with the fake crap.

      There’s no question that there’s an ongoing movement in the US to destroy the reputation of GSE and even replace it with garbage so that people who are new to it think they got something ineffective. It’s a pretty disgusting country we live in. The USDA won’t certify it; you’re damn right they won’t. haha… I wonder if you guys also trust the CDC the US FDA? They’d also like us to believe apricot pits are toxic, even though the only thing they are toxic to are cancer cells. Hmmm, I wonder what this could all mean? lol Keep living the lie, friends. Your losses.

      • Jack I agree with you…my naturopath got me the real stuff and it was the most bitter thing I had ever tasted. I used it to cure a severe case of candida of the gut. It was very hard to get back then…20 years ago. I certainly don’t trust the FDA OR CDC!

          • Hi, the GSE I have from Nutribiotic does not list any ingredient other than grapefruit seeds extract (33%) and vegetable glycerine (67%). It does taste bitter. This is the only brand of it I have ever seen or heard of at the places I shop. It’s called “Unfiltered Formula!”

            Are you saying that this brand and/or formulation actually contains residues? Or would this product be free of residues if they are not listed on the label?

            I read online a while back that with GSE, it’s just important to get one with the two ingredients listed above only, and that’s what I did, and I was glad to know the brand I’d used previously was fine.

            Now I’m wondering, if it’s not on the label, could it still have the offending residues?

        • Yes worked for me. And quickly. And I didn’t dilute it before applying to skin. Won’t do that again but it worked. Breast thrush so I could literally see where the ducts run. Burned the thrush out with one application. Went on with breastfeeding, treating baby with kefir. As I said, wouldn’t do it without diluting again. Unless you can take the pain and want it gone immediately.

          • I put GSE on an itchy patch on my hair line at my neck. I used a few drops at full strength. I am in so much pain! I washed my hair and that has not relieved the pain! How long did your pain last? I am in for 4 hours and it’s awful!
            Hope to hear from you soon.
            Thanks in advance.

          • I’ve used nutribiotic brand for 30 years for fungal infections and gi bugs. It’s very effective. You will find on their website an explanation of what their product is and refutation that there are any chemical residues in their product. The original claim that there were other chemicals in gse products goes back 20 years and came from testing NOT nutribiotic but gse being used in health care settings for clean up not for consumption. This is an old resolved issue and misinformation.

          • 1 star
            I use xlear for my sinus issues it is the only thing that works ! It has grapefruit seed extract in it . My naturopath uses it and recommends it to all her clients !

      • High, please can you tell me where to get the real grapefruit seed stuff and not the crap as you call as for me its like looking for needle in haystack Thanks

        • I found it nice and easy, the first time, by actually looking for the brand that is suggested by Dr. Crook, from the Yeast Overgrowth books. It’s Nutrabiotic.

          They make pills, capsules and liquid. Liquid is best for housecleaning, adding to shampoos and conditioners, using with toothpaste, adding to smoothies, putting in tea, and for curing simple thrush or whatever else is going on in mouth or topically.

          Like, when the bacteria starts dying inside you, you usually get a rash. You can actually feel it, like it’s coming through you, escaping from the inside to come outside and wreak havoc there. It’s weird and it’s like fighting a war. And when you start getting rashes (for whatever reason), you mix a little liquid GSE with your soap, body wash, skin lotion, and, it seriously helps . Use it with cocout oil and aloe vera gel and it really penetrates. Just be careful, because, GSE can burn the skin if you use too much.

          Now, you can use any of the GSE products internally, so, if you can only afford one, get the liquid. A guy at a very good health food store told me, once, though, that the capsules are more for curing what ails your tummy, the liquid for what ails you topically or in the mouth, and, the pills, being harder to digest, make their way down to the intestines and do their best work there.

          You can find Nutribiotic GSE wth a quick Google search. It’s often sold on Amazon.com, Vitacost.com and at serious health stores.

          “Serious”: the kind where you are likely to find natural, ready to fill tea bags, acidophilus and sauerkraut in the refrigerator and bentonite clay as opposed to the kind where you are likely to find things that promise nothing but easy cures and fixes, in pretty packages.

          • I have to chime in here, ….Who knows if ANYTHING is effective in the natural remedy world, but all we can go on is experience, and I can tell you that I have had nothing but great success with Nutribiotic GSE for tooth infections/mouth issues, so that’s one use I can say for sure works. I have a tooth that needs a root canal and I’ve been putting it off and it immediately destroys the bacteria and relieves the pain. I won’t go without it. And yes, it’s bitter.

            I’ve also used it whenever I feel a cold coming on, because I trust it that much, and it seems to help there, too.

            So I feel I have to sort of come to the defense of this product, because it does have its uses. I have also used other cold remedy type things and haven’t been able to draw a consistent line of success between it and wellness. We’ve all bought crap off the shelf in the health food store because someone recommended it, only to find out it doesn’t really do much.

          • I need help. I tried grapefruit seed extract for constipation…..it didn’t help. My gut seems to have just stopped moving food thru it! No matter how much fiber I eat and water I drink..nothing!. What can help get my gut moving?! Please help.

        • Hi! Go to a VERY reputable holistic health product and supplly store for GSE. They’ll be able to guide you towards the best out there that’s REAL and NOT fake 🙂 I use a product called New Roots, but I do believe that it’s a Canadian product. If you were game to trying New Roots, you could most likely find it on Amazon. However, there are many excellent, genuine brands out there; just need to know where to look. Again, seek a holistic health product and supply store that has excellent reputation. Those people will steer you right!

      • I agree as I have had brilliant success also with this stuff along with using it for mange on four dogs who are all now mange free … Now I have people coming to me for this stuff for all their dogs ailments hahahahaha … Sorry guys it dont work that way but it sure is excellent stuff thats for sure 🙂

        • My little dogs 5 pounds have sarcoptic mange, chemical does not work for him. I would like to know how you have treat your dog with gse? Did you put in his water, in the shampoo or apply has a spray and how long did you treat. Has you can see i have alout of question. Thank you in advance

      • No Rx worked for my thrush or my twins. I used grapefruit seed extract diluted to wash their mouth after every feeding and drank it myself. Along with a diluted vinegar wash for my breast with olive oil wipe over each breast after each feeding. Its the only thing that worked for us. We had resistant thrush for 4 months with the babies screaming in pain after oral nyastacin medication the doctors swore would work. I now drink the extract when I have a cold or infection. I don’t use it daily otherwise. Maybe once a week.

          • I have used NutriBiotic brand Grapefruit Seed Extract, diluted per their instructions to treat a mold (fungal) allergy. There was a water leak that got into the drywall in the apartment where I lived. My allergic response to the mold was greatly lessened within 2 days. For other mold problems, even with this product usage alone was not enough. It effected all the drywall and carpeting molds and also all the airborne mold spores that had to be professionally tested, removed and retested until it was safe to return to my apartment.
            NutriBiotic is 67% glycerin and 33% Grapefruit Seed Extract plus 100% vegan. They state to never use their product out of the bottle at full strength. It must always be further diluted depending on the specific usage. Off-topic but important to mention is, I bought mine at iHerb* online.

            *(I boycotted Amazon many years ago because of their numerous unethical business practices. Simply search “boycott Amazon” for more information. They also own at least 7 other businesses.)

        • Vinegar has yeast in it. It’s the vinegar that was making your issues worse. Also removing dairy, gluten, and sugar from your diet, otherwise whatever you are doing to treat the candida is not going to work. Do some google searching on this.

          • according to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research, “Yeasts (Saccharomyces species) are used in food production to ferment the nutrient source on which they grow. This property is used in the leavening of bread (by baker’s yeast) and the manufacture of beer, wine and vinegar (by brewer’s yeast). When vinegar is distilled, however, yeast proteins are eliminated; therefore, distilled vinegar is tolerated”

          • I did this and forgot that vinegar had wheat in it. They put that in everything. Also I did gse for a week and a half and guess I took too much because it triggered hot flashes and cold flashes along with anxiety. Gonna back off and start slow again.

      • I have used GSE with much success for variety of issues and feel it is far less risky than a variety of drugs pushed by medical professionals. who bow to the pharmaceuticals.

      • Right on Jack! The Pharma industry wants to destroy what works and can’t be patented. There’s a lot of “disgusting” things going on for sure. I’m guessing what was “tested” were the fake brands full of synthetic GSE. 🙁 I have learned that scientific tests often can’t be trusted, since many are funded by Pharma. Sad, but true. NutraBiotic is the brand I use. I use it when I feel a cold coming on, and it always knocks it out. My dad may be coming down with the flu–you can bet I’m giving him this stuff!

      • I rotated GSE on and off for a year, had labs done before use and after a year, and dysbiosis was greatly improved. I also took probiotics Sacchraromyces Boulardii and Klaire Labs Ther Biotics Complete away from the products used to detox the bowel pathogens.

      • Thank you. It has pretty cleared my Morgellons, and I almost died from Morgellons. I have gone from being completely carpeted in Morgellons sores to just two little sores. It took time, but it worked. I know it did, because I had Morgellons for 15 years, and it was not until I started taking GSE that the sores started going away. I don’t trust the CDC, USDA, or the FDA. There is too much corporate influence and corruption in our those agencies and our government. Thank you!

        • Go to youtube and watch Douglas Kaufmann he is an expert on fungus ,yeast,mildew and other things like them. He says to get GFSE and it kills all internal & external yeasts and especially fungus .Read the book called “,Cancer Is a Fungus,”

      • I’ve used it and recommended it successfully as an alternative to antibiotics for years. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water with poor research. You may want to read the John Hopkins study on GSE.

      • My son sent this to me. I’ve been using nutri biotic brand in calif. since their first year in production. Over 25 years ago. Toured their facility in the early days. My service dog at the time was trained to keep me away from chemicals, odorless for humans doesn’t mean dogs wont smell it and of course the place was as spotless as humanly possible. My dog wouldn’t have let me into the office door if the factory had bad for me chemicals. The dogs are that good.
        It’s helped five generations of my family, countless friends and acquaintances . I find this alarming and wonder whats the cheapest way to have a sample tested because who the heck knows whats real anymore. This is the first we’ve heard of it.

      • Make sure you get the real thing, evade misinformation and try everything for yourself. When you research a product, before you purchase read all the reviews from verified purchases. Check to make sure the reviews include accurate details of their experience. Finally, if you are truly sick and truly motivated to find health solutions, you’ll find them. You won’t let greed, corruption laziness, complacency – none of all this nonsense that finds its way around our world – stop you.

    • Citricidal GSE saved my father from getting his foot amputated. I’ve use it for many things since 1999. Nothing in this essay holds any merit in my book.

      If it were dangerous, EPA would have banned it years ago, but the burden of proof is on them.

      • Hi DG,

        Can you let me know how your father used it? Take it internally? Put on this foot directly? Did he have a fungus? Right now my father is suffering from the Dr.’s believe a foot fungus but it has gotten worse. Any info would be great! Thanks! MS

        • Sorry I saw your question so late, though I was not the original poster. Her father may have used it both internally and externally. Perhaps do the Nutribiotic capsules (check Amazon) and then prepare a wash with the drops on the external site. Why not do a 1-2 punch, right? I’ve primarily used it as a nose spray main ingredient for sinus infections, but I recent bought it in pill form for both colds and Candida. A good website for uses and directions is apliedhealth.com. HTH someone!

    • This totally worked for a horrible case of thrush I had with my little one, but I’m a little worried about it now. I mean, what’s done is done. Does grapefruit seed EO or Oil do the same things?

    • Hi , Can I still use this to wash fruits and veggies. Maybe not lettuce but oranges or mangoes ? Just wondering how toxic this is ?

    • The only one to use is the small grapefruit seed extract maximum nutribiotic it has the Citadel that does the work the others formulas do not like in the big bottle don’t get it if it doesn’t say maximum

    • Try swallowing the seed from the fruit – 2 or 3 seed every 8 hours and this should help if you are scared of the extract being tainted.

    • GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract burn : Call Poison Control if pain too intense, could have a bad reaction from pain. Feel it is my duty to report my GSE NIGHTMARE. Shame on GSE for not posting a big caution on bottle! After applying to skin, was up all night in torment, no exaggeration. SEVERE burning pain. It was torture. Water, soap, no relief. Called Poison Control, got good advice, did not stop agony but made it bearable until effect of GSE wore off: Find any food or body oil, vegetable or mineral, cooking (NOT motor oil, ok?), apply and massage into GSE burn area. This oil will mix/bond with the GSE, which is oily based. Make sure new oil is rubbed in well, let sit a few minutes. Now – wash area thoroughly with lots of soap, and rinse well with water. The new oil will carry away some of the GSE, just enough so you aren’t in agony. Then wait, it takes about 12 hours for the GSE to calm down. This is so urgent, it is the first time I have ever posted a rescue message like this. If I had found this it would have spared me agony!

      • you don’t put it directly on the skin. the bottle says very clearly that it must be diluted with water. the label is VERY clear on this point. one drop of the stuff has to have at least one oz. of water added to it. you did not read the label did you? read the label before you use anything. GSE is not oily based, either. it is in glycerin. I don’t what you used, but it does not sound like you used a GSE citricidal product. Nutribiotic is the best one and the official one.

        • Nutribiotic was recommended to me by a missionary in the Côte d’Ivoire where malaria is holoendemic and drug-resistant. That means it’s everywhere and pharmaceuticals aren’t effective against it. I brought it thinking it couldn’t hurt. After coming down with food poisoning, the flu and finally getting hit with a swarm of mosquitos one night, I became delirious with malnutrition and infection and became desperate enough to give it a try. I took ten drops of the Maximum Strength drops in a liter of water over 24-hours and I felt fine the next day. This was after two weeks of trying every single other medication and treatment I could get my hands on. I’m now taking it for my fatigue and brain fog and I’ve never felt this good in my entire life.

          Onto the next part of my success story. After I got home, one day I was in a funk tending to my cat’s allergies and skin condition. She was diagnosed with pemphigus which is an auto-immune condition many of her breed suffer with. I had a light bulb moment and it occurred to me I should try the most effective anti-infective I’ve ever known. Her skin began clearing up and she is more energetic than she has been in her 12 years. This is a cat who hid under the bed for ten years, couldn’t climb a cat tree or play with toys and never interacted with other cats. Now she plays hide and seek, jumps onto 6-foot headboards and asks to be let in and out of rooms.

          Thank you Nutribiotic GSE.

      • My boss recommended this stuff to me for my, now antibiotic resistant, tonsillitis. He gave me instructions to poor it on a toothbrush and go to town. There was no diluting mentioned. Now.. I will say that my tonsils already look better than they have in 2 weeks on two different antibiotics, but you really need to dilute this stuff. The inside of my mouth burned soooo bad. I rinsed with water and gave it time and am much better. (There was clear directions on the bottle, but it had been already set up for me so I didn’t get a chance to read it until after the deed was done) Be sure to dilute it!

    • I’m curious about whether it is safe to use GSE since I take Lipitor and Eliquis. Both medications state that I cannot eat grapefruit. Thank you for your help.

      • The answer seems to be not to have grapefruit and those drugs at the same time. Here’s the recommendation from the Mayo Clinic:

        “ Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Gerald Gau concurs that the consumption of grapefruit juice was shown to have the effect of increasing the dosage of statins, but in the Mayo studies the participants consumed an entire quart of grapefruit juice at the same time the statin was taken when this effect was produced. According to Dr. Gau, if a patient eats a half a grapefruit in the morning then takes the prescribed dosage of statin at night, no interactions should occur. His recommendation is to simply not combine the two and be aware that if you do, you will be increasing your dosage of statin.”

        On that note, of plants’ medicinal power: have you considered taking black seed oil to address heart health and inflammation? A truly remarkable natural medicine.

  2. Hmm this is kinda vague. Sounds like you need more evidence to make that claim. Grapefruit seeds are incredibly healthy. My parents use it and it works better then anything else. It’s practically magic.

    • “Hmm this is kinda vague. Sounds like you need more evidence to make that claim….”
      —I’m not sure we read the same article! That was concise, and thoroughly researched. Adequately sourced as well – each source from a reputable article/website/journal, all sited well.

      “Grapefruit seeds are incredibly healthy…. ”
      —Yes, I completely agree, as does the author I imagine. I’m not sure how exactly that relates to the article, or even your own comment but, very good SEPERATE topic starter!

      “My parents use it and it works better then anything else. It’s practically magic….”
      —Without making fun, I just can not help but comment on how frustratingly entertaining it is that your comment’s implied intention was to push the author into researching more thoroughly, referencing better or otherwise adding more of the scientific process, and using less opinion (no matter how misguided your judgment)……. and your only, y-o-u-r o-n-l-y argument…is …. mom and dad like it.

      Oh boy

    • So can I use grapefruit seed extract for my daughter thrush an where can I get it from because none of the grocery stores sale it

    • I agree with Britt F. I am so appreciative of the research you do! I am no longer a mommy with young children, but I have infant grandchildren (3) and relate the information to their grateful moms. Thanks for this info, Heather!

    • I use the same brand and LOVE it! The only ingredients on my bottle are glycerin and GSE, so this article doesn’t pertain to that brand.

      • *sigh* the adulterants aren’t listed on the bottle. I don’t know if nutrabiotics has been tested or not, but there have been studies that show zero anti-microbial effect with unadulterated extractions of grapefruit seed extract. However, the adulterated stuff works like gangbusters! Go figure.

      • Have used NutriBiotic brand GSE for 20 yrs for all kinds of medical issues. Hope to never be without it. LOVE it & trust it far more than most prescription drugs.

    • Hi Carrie, it probably depends on what you are working to correct. The recommendations for eczema would likely be different than something for earache relief.

        • Tea tree oil! I’m not sure if this will work for all kinds of foot fungus, but it did for mine. Plus it smells nice. Spread a drop of pure tea tree oil over the entire infected toenail twice a day for about six months–the infected part of the root has to grow out. But it will bring the swelling/pain down in a day or two. Just be consistent, and never skip a day. Wear open-toed or loose shoes if you can. And get a new pair of nail clippers, to keep from reinfecting your toes every time you cut your nails.

  3. I wonder if a product such as DoTerra would have these synthetic ingredients? They don’t have tons of info on their site about how they extract their oil. I do know they have grapefruit oil in their blends. Now how do I go about finding out!?

    • Jen, grapefruit essential oil is very different than grapefruit seed extract. I am personally comfortable with using grapefruit essential oil 🙂

    • *disclaimer* I am a DoTERRA consultant*
      DoTERRA does not have any synthetic ingredients – it’s what sets them apart. They test every batch third-party to get the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade label. If any batch tests with synthtic particles, it’s scrapped. This is what makes the essential oils safe to ingest – it’s all organic compounds that the body can recognize. Also, they don’t sell grapefruit seed extract, they sell grapefruit essential oil. I know the lemon essential oils are made from the rind, so I’m assuming the GEO is made in a similar process. This also makes it safe to use with people on high blood pressure medications because the chemical compounds are different.

      Hope that helps!

      • There are some essential oils you absolutely cannot ingest, I don’t care how “pure” it is. Being a sales rep doesn’t make you knowledgeable about health. Please, do some research before you hurt someone. Their “Therapeutic Grade” is self-proclaimed and unregulated. Heck, I’m the World’s Greatest Chef.

    • Just some numbers to help readers put things in context: a bottle of Nutribiotic citricidal lasted me two years of regular use for my household of two, and both of us have chronic auto-immune conditions. The cost comes to 2 cents a day for two of us. On the other hand, I don’t know of any Rx that would cost nearly nothing.

  4. Wow!!! Thanks so much for the detailed research. People are always swearing by this for strep and I thought it was great because it’s pretty much tasteless….though I’ll admit, I have never noticed a difference when I use it for bacterial infections. What do you suggest as an alternative? I keep hearing bad stuff about internal silver use too, so I am all out of tasteless antibacterials that are palatable for babies.

    • If I had a baby that was getting recurring strep infections, I’d be trying to get to the bottom of where in the world they are coming from and why the baby’s so susceptible. Getting that many infections in that short a time isn’t normal. I’d be questioning typical blood sugar levels, immune system activity, etc. and maybe even gut flora balance.

      What sort of damage strep can do depends on which strain it is, but some cause pneumonia, some cause arthritis (even RA), and some cause heart problems, among the more potentially serious issues. Whatever you can do to break the cycle, get’r done. Even if it’s a robust round of antibiotics–though I’d follow that up with probiotic treatment, and a serious probiotic too, not just yogurt. I’m using Prescript-Assist and I’ve heard good things about Bio-Kult. Mommypotamus probably has some good suggestions too. Friendly soil bacteria or friendly milk bacteria, either is good. If it comes in a two-part capsule (and the brands I named above both do), you can break that open and mix the powder in with whatever you’re feeding the baby, then you don’t have to worry about pill-swallowing.

    • Grapeseed oil’s from the seeds of grapes, not related to grapefruit at all. It’s a fatty oil more like walnut oil or canola oil rather than an essential oil which is volatile.

      I think I have yet to buy grapeseed oil that wasn’t going rancid. I hate buying unsaturated oils, except olive oil, because they’re so often mistreated on the way to market and no good by the time I buy them. And even with olive oil I go for the stuff in dark glass bottles and buy small amounts at a time.

      I’ve heard good things about fractionated coconut oil as a carrier. It can also be used in cooking. Unlike regular coconut oil it doesn’t solidify at 76 F (or thereabouts) and below.

    • Izzy, Lotions are so tricky. Heather uses a blend of potassium sorbate, citric acid and cinnamon, but it’s not as strong as GSE. The thing about lotion and lots of other water-containing products is if their made with good materials they will spoil. Unfortunately, cosmetic manufacturers have set the expectation that lotions should last forever so it’s hard to know what to do. I empathize!

      • Do the products in the e-book contain potassium sorbate? Are there substitutes provided for those of us allergic to potassium sorbate? I was considering the book but I don’t want to buy it if I can’t make the products because of allergy issues to the preservatives. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for sharing this information. Wow! I’ve used GSE internally in the past on the advice of a chiropractor. I didn’t care for the way it made me feel. Now I can just throw away the rest of the bottle and find something more natural.

  6. Based on your analysis of the chemistry involved in grapefruit seed extract, I understand and respect your concerns . Why then link to the product on Amazon?

    • Julia, I didn’t initially but someone on my page reminded me that it is often confused with grapeseed oil and grapefruit essential oil. I linked to all three products so that it would be easier to differentiate them.

    • I have used Nutritibiotic’s ear drops for years. I seldom need them anymore, but they definitely helped me when I used to get colds and earaches.

      I have several partial bottles of GSE that I don’t know what to do with now. Darn, another pleasant illusion bites the dust.

      • Dr. Mercola talks about using hydrogen peroxide for ear infections. You can probably find the protocol on his website @ mercola.com

        • I had excruciating pain to the point of tears on an airflight that no smelling of peppermint or ear popping etc. would fix. It was still very painful upon landing and that day. Went to a doctor, (fat and brown nicotine stains between two fingers,,, go figure, lol), and even after telling him the pain was from the flight, he said in a droned voice that he thought it was an ear infection and tried to prescribed me anti-biotics which I refused. Walked out frustrated, but remembered I had a herb remedy book with me. For ear aches it suggested washing out the ear with hydrogen peroxide, (I watered it down), and then putting some drops of onion juice in for the pain. Worked a treat and very quickly. 🙂 Very cheap too and without the damaging effects which I believe anti-biotics have.

      • As an RN and lactation consultant I use and reccomend grapefruit seed extract and have witnessed health from it. Sad to hear about your research. I’m not sure that I’m ready to not use it .

  7. I used Nutribiotic GSE on my baby when he had thrush. I’m worried how it may have affected his little system now! Thank you for enlightening me about this. Up to this point I’ve recommended GSE to anyone whose baby had yeast issues. I won’t recommend it any more.

  8. I use Nutribiotic GSE for various things. I just looked up the ingredients and it states only two – 67% vegetable glycerin and 33% grapefruit seed extract. It does not list any of the chemicals you mentioned, does this mean they are “hidden” or not in this brand.

    • Hi Alisa, here’s an analogy that might help. When I make vanilla extract I mix vanilla beans and water together. Now if this extract were used in some cookies that were sold the extract would need to be listed on the ingredient label. However, the vodka and vanilla beans would not. Based on the studies I’ve come across it seems that the label is accurate, but “grapefruit seed extract” seems to me to be a highly processed substance rather than a basic extract, like vanilla.

    • Ailsa, did you see my comment on my email with Nutri-biotic on their process/ingredients/ and preservatives? I think it may surprise you in what exactly makes up their GSE.

  9. This is such an incredible post, thanks for doing all the research for us! I’ve used GSE because of all the touted benefits but because I hadn’t noticed any of the benefits in myself I stopped … now I’m going to look into it a bit more and possibly toss my bottle!

  10. I used it for really stubborn thrush with my baby girl when nothing else was working. It cleared everything up but now I’m wishing there had been an alternative. It is unbelievable what they can label as safe.

    • There are alternatives, oil of oregano and colloidal silver both can heal thrush. If your child keeps getting thrush, then she probably has a yeast/candida over growth problem. Chances are she needs to have her gut healed.

      • Hi, I’d like to share my Citricidal Story. My homeopath put me on Citricidal, which is GSE for candida. After 2 weeks I started having an irregular heart beat. When I finally researched it, I found that heart complications can be one of the nasty and dangerous side effects of GSE. Please beware of this “natural” drug.

        • Hi Madeline,
          I understand this comment is 2016 but which brand did you use of citricidal please? As the comments suggest diff brands may have diff ingredients/processing methods.

  11. Great article Heather. When I first came into natural health, everyone raved about GSE, and when I started making my own natural laundry detergent, I used it as a natural preservative in it. (Now I wonder why because soap doesn’t typically go bad.. so silly!) Then somewhere along the lines, I found out about how it’s processed and the chemicals used to do so. I too was intrigued at why it was “organic” or “natural” yet the manufacturing process didn’t seem so natural to me. So I emailed Nutri-biotic (the GSE brand I used) and they replied to me with their manufacturing steps and 3rd party independent lab testing results.

    Their lab testing looked perfectly clear, but I wasn’t impressed by their manufacturing process. There were several things they told me in the steps that I thought was off.

    One was that they heat the product during the manufacturing process. To what degree they didn’t say, but don’t we all know that heat destroys vital properties.

    Next, food grade ammonium chloride and ascorbic acid are added, and this mixture is heated under pressure. Again, heat, but this time with pressure and an iffy sounding chemical added. Plus, is the ascorbic acid from a gmo source? Who knows!

    Another thing that made me uncomfortable was that the representative said that the material undergoes a catalytic conversion using natural catalysts (including hydrochloric acid and other natural enzymes). Hydrochloric acid??!!

    Finally it’s treated with ultraviolet light.

    Now all of that could sound worse than it really is, but to me, there are just way to many steps in the process and many of them are iffy. This email was from late 2012 so maybe they’ve changed things at this point… I’m not sure. Plus, studies have shown that GSE can not only kill off bad bacteria, but good as well which in turn can throw the body even more out of balance as far as gut flora goes. I still have that email, and I can forward it to you if you’re interested in having it. For me and my family… we won’t be using GSE either. There are other, more natural, options available that I’m more comfortable with.

    • I use this whenever I get a yeast infection. I’m currently working on balancing my gut flora so I stop getting them, but I’m wondering about treatment of yeast infections specifically…what do you do when you HAVE one? So far this has been a miracle worker for me so I hate to give it up. Megan, you mentioned other alternatives. What do you use?

      • Hey Breeann! Fortunately, I’ve never been one to get yeast infections much. I’ve had two and they were both with my last pregnancy. The first one I treated with OTC options because I was NOT prepared for it and I was miserable, and the second one I did all natural. Now that I know about them and I’ve researched them, I know what caused mine and I also know how to prevent or deal with them naturally.

        I wrote a Q&A post once for a mama dealing with thrush on her and her baby so check out my response there — http://www.growingupherbal.com/qa-fighting-yeast-in-the-body-baby-mama/ — much is the same for vaginal yeast infections.

        For me, it was diet. I ate the worst with my 3rd baby… I wanted sugar all the time! I had the yeast infections with him and dealt with never-ending thrush with him too. Once I realized what kept causing it, I majorly decreased my sugar consumption and I started taking Beeyoutiful’s “Yeast Assassin” for pregnant/nursing women. If you’re not preggo or nursing I’d take the regular one. (Just Google it.) I had no problems after that. I also treated his thrush naturally and we finally beat it. For me, it was a combination of correcting my diet and using the supplements.

        Some of those other natural things too are inserting a pealed (not crushed) garlic clove coated in olive oil each night, using apple cider vinegar or yogurt douches to restore pH balance, using some major probiotic therapy (internally and externally) as in eating more cultured/fermented foods, taking high-quality supplements, and even inserting a probiotic gel cap vaginally throughout the day. Also, coconut oil with lavender and tea tree oil always work well too, but to make it even better I’d infuse garlic into the coconut oil first.

        Anyway, hope that helps. There are other natural ways of dealing with vaginal yeast infections using things that are definitely more natural than GSE. Hope this gives you a starting point, and definitely, definitely research it more on your own. Try other things first, give them a good chance, and if they don’t work, then I suppose GSE is better than any OTC cream, but I’d keep trying to work my way away from it. Just my personal opinion though.

  12. Thanks for this info!… I was so happy to stumble upon WaterWipes, the “world’s purest baby wipes”. They contain 99.9% water and .1% GSE. They have been working well, and have been the best wipes so far for my daughter, so I’m sad to learn this about GSE. I will definitely be reconsidering ordering them again. Any suggestions for baby wipes? I know making them is best, but are there any safe ones to buy? Thanks again, I love your blog and Nourished Baby book!

  13. I had a yeast or fungus (I’m not sure which) which caused an irritation on the inside of my thighs that persisted for at least 10 years. I finally tried a few drops of GSE in a pump of hand cream, appied about 3 times over 3 days and the condition disappeared FOREVER. Now I found this article to be very enlightening. And I would be careful about how I used it. But I sure as hell wished I’d used it on my nagging condition about 10 years earlier. It was incredibly effective.

    • My husband had a reoccurring fungus on his shins for about 3 years…weed-eating in shorts and flip-flops. Doctor gave him an antibiotic ointment, took a while to heal because it would itch like the dickens and he would scratch himself bloody at times. It would go away and come back repeatedly until a health food store owner recommended Nutribiotic’s brand of GSE to me. We haven’t seen the fungus since…that was 12 years ago.
      At the same time my husband was treating his fungus, our oldest son (then just one year old) had a disturbing, red, raised dime sized rash appear on his leg that grew to quarter size. I feared it could be ringworm but never had it diagnosed. When nothing else worked, I began applying diluted GSE on it and it disappeared as well.
      I know your article doesn’t deny the effectiveness of GSE, but I think in certain topical situations (we used to take it internally too), I’ll probably continue to use the bottle I have (Nutribiotic’s brand) because it is so fast acting and effective and requires so little product. One drop goes a long way.
      I do plan on contacting the company, however, to ask questions, as well as voice my concerns about potentially harmful, hidden ingredients. Who knows, it may be our last bottle.
      Thanks for all your research, Heather, and helping others to make informed decisions.

  14. I remember when I started seeing gse on the ingredient list of “natural,” skin and hair care products. I found it odd that all of the sudden products I had repurchased now had an ingredient that wasn’t there before. Since I have tried out many natural brand companies I realized a pattern with the ones containing gse. I always broke out on them in a way that was identical even though the brands were different. That was years ago when I stopped buying products containing it after researching impure cheap manufacturing for shelf life of the product. I tend to avoid companies that have this in their products and usually see a pattern of quantity over quality.

  15. I have heard the negative comments about GSE but can attest to the fact that I have been doing the triple strength version – Citricidal – available only from the Internet sources not at local natural food et al stores – for FIFTEEN YEARS. One can buy Nutribiotic, 1/3 as strong at local stores.

    In all that time I have only had SIX colds, one bout of flu – a decade ago – and I will continue to use this low cost PREVENTIVE of 800 viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitical infections. It has a veritable host of pluses – including mitigating gingivitis, candida, athlete’s foot, Alzheimers, dandruff and many more. For +/-$20 a year it has saved me thousands of dollars in medical bills. NOTE: I do not do a large amount of VIt. C every day nor have I for all these years nor I have I taken a multi – vitamin for the last 15 years.

    I see many people get flu, walking pneumonia, strep throat, bad colds – not me! I attribute my good health to GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT.

    • I AGREE 100%,
      I took grapefruit seed extract for candida to kill off yeast overgrowth in my body for about five years. In that time I took it I never got a flu or a cold or a sniffle or a sore throat & if I ever felt anything of the slightest sore throat coming on I would drink about five drops in a shot glass and Bam gone! I ran out after my husband had a stroke and I took care of a girlfriend for three years I then got the worst nastiest flu from my grandbaby that drooled in my mouth LOL He had RSV.
      I’m back on my nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract and I doubt that I’ll be getting sick again✔

  16. It’s really easy to fall in the traps of the word “Natural”, I’ve noticed it more and more since I have become more aware of labels and ingredients of different products. What world do we live in.. makes me kind of sad. Can’t trust anything or anyone, always have to do a thorough research before purchasing anything..

  17. I have found coconut oil really helpful with thrush infections melting the oil and soaking a tampon in it helped tremendously I tried douching with GSE but now will be making my own toilet cleaner with the rest of it!!!X

  18. So interesting! Do you think this would still be a better option than what some people are trying to avoid using when using this stuff?
    Even if it’s not full on organic/natural… I wonder if it’s the lesser of two evils?

    Just curious!

    • Katie, Probably, at least in some cases. One of the chemicals that chemists reported is considered a medium risk, while one is considered a low risk.

  19. Thanks for the article and research! I have heard of GSE (particularly when I was trying to get rid of GBS), but just never got around to trying it. Now I won’t bother.

  20. Thanks, Heather,
    I’ve been waiting for this article ever since I read about it from you to begin with, many months ago. Someone else mentioned Citricidal brand….is that still containing the same harmful ingredients as all the rest? I hardly use GSE anymore because I’ve found tastier and more effective options for ears and throats. You mentioned it would be good for athlete’s foot? Even though it gets absorbed through the feet?

  21. HI Heather
    I often read your blog and find the recipes and information you share very useful. However, in the above post you mention the Soil Association, which is the UK organic standard. The Soil Association has the highest organic standards in the world – you can explore their website here for more information: http://www.sacert.org/
    I wondered who had indicated they would approve something the lower standard USDA didn’t approve, so clicked on your “source” link. The source no longer says anything about the Soil Association.
    Anyone can say “organic” until challenged, but it is only the Soil Association mark that indicates the product really is organically grown and produced.

      • Okay, I just checked out the link in my post and realized it was pointing to the wrong place – oops! I’ve updated the link.

        I also searched “grapefruit seed extract” on the Soil Association’s website and found that they do allow it. They may in fact have the highest standards in the world, it just may be that we disagree on this one preservative.

        • Hi Heather
          🙂 Thanks for your reply. I found only this on a search for grapefruit seed extract on the Soil Association website: http://www.sacert.org/healthbeauty/newsandfeatures/articleid/2315/why-do-you-allow-chemical-preservatives-in-organic-beauty-products
          The article appears to indicate organic grapefruit seed extract is sometimes used as a *preservative* in organic products, rather than as a product in itself:
          “Sometimes organic preservatives can be used such as organic grapefruit seed extract, or naturally derived anti-oxidants as above, but if these are not effective then a preservative that meets strict toxicological and biodegradibility requirements can be used. The toxicity and biodegradibility criteria ensure that the ingredient is not harmful to health and has minimum environmental impact. In addition emulsifiers must meet the same requirements, and are often naturally derived. For example decyl glucoside which can be made from corn starch, but is not yet available in an organic format.”
          I can’t find one organic grapefruit seed extract that carries the Soil Association mark, either in the UK or in Europe. There are a lot of products that *say* they are organic, though. Whether they are or not is open to interpretation. Unless products carry the Soil Association mark they cannot be trusted as organic.
          Anyway, I don’t really want to argue with you, Heather – your site is too valuable to degenerate into that. What I would like to point out is that repeating third hand criticism of a highly respected and trusted organisation, even in a country that doesn’t much care about UK organic standards, is inappropriate and beneath you.
          PS. “cornstartch” in organic products is becoming increasingly difficult to source organically, since imports are often contaminated with GMs. With much of our farmland now knee deep in water from recent flooding, this year looks like it’ll be something of a challenge!

  22. There are always pros and cons – but here’s a success story for GSE. Over the course of a year, my mother became seriously ill with her second bout of Lyme Disease. She had started losing the use of her legs. The doctor kept trying different types of antibiotics, but nothing helped. Someone recommended GSE. Mom was ready to try anything — and within 6 weeks of GSE drops, she was back to normal. And so grateful. She recommended it to other people with Lyme when nothing else had worked, and they too had good success. I guess nothing is perfect, but in her case, the upsides definitely trumped the downsides.

  23. My granddaughter is autistic and I’ve been told numerous times to give grapefruit seed extract for candida. I’ve attempted 2-3 times, but it makes her extremely ill. Thank you so much for the info!!!!

    • You may want to start slowly as autism is linked to pathogens and toxins which need to be purged gently. My family has a history of dementia, bipolar and Alzheimer’s and when I started my healing journey (CFS/ME) it was painful to heal my body too quickly. Be gentle with the body, incorporate movement/rest/spirituality alongside the supplements, be patient, and use your intuition.

  24. I only use it for cleaning my bathroom…combine with Thieves & water…do you think that it would be as bad as using an OTC antibacterial cleaner? so much for my “natural” bathroom cleaner :/

  25. “Truth is, many of these claims can be backed up with studies, such as this one which found that it performs as well as 30 antibiotics and 18 fungicides.”

    From the source you give, it sounds like the “ParaMycrocidin” aka GSE, was responsible for inhibiting disease and toxic bacteria. It even was reported that no side effects occurred to the patients. This sounds to me like a good thing happening and not bad as you claim it to be.

  26. Good info, I have really replaced all of my herbal tinctures or anything of the sort with YL Essential oils. They work so much faster with so little. Thank you for the info:)

  27. I’m not sure where else to post this so this seems like as good a place as any. I was making my own baby wipes for my son at daycare when they called and said they could no longer use homemade products there (boo!) So I went to find the most natural ones I could. I found Waterwipes which are 99.99% water and, of course, 0.1% GSE. Do you know of any store bought brands that are good? Thanks for the great blog! Another one I’ll obsess over for the next few weeks!

    • Thanks for your comments.

      We are aware that Grapefruit Seed Extract has received some bad press over the internet in recent times.
      Some unscrupulous suppliers have been accused of contaminating their core product with other chemical ingredients.

      However, we believe the issue can be isolated to a small number of suppliers, and did not involve our supplier.
      As a precaution we had our product tested for a number of contaminates such as parabens, among others.
      The tests showed there is no need for concern as they were all clear as expected.

      We also tested for a large number of pesticides and multi residue components. However none were detected in our Grapefruit seed extract.

      We believe our supply of Grapefruit seed extract is a clean supply from a reputable supplier and there is no reason for concern.

    • The WaterWipes rep claims that their GSE is unadulterated, and if they provide the documents on their site to prove it, that’s great (any reputable business will provide the test documents to the public).

      Nobody is disputing that adulterated GSE has clear benefits due to the toxic substances being mixed in. It’s also clear that unadulterated GSE has no benefit otherwise. The product might as well be 100% water, it’s the same thing.

  28. Quianna, I can’t believe your daycare is dictating to you what you want for your child. That’s just unbelievable. I know that Honest wipes don’t have GSE but you’ll have to check the other ingredients. Bum Boosa wipes don’t have GSE either.

    • Thanks for the reply. To be honest I don’t think his butt liked the homemade ones all that much since they used Dr. Bronners Mild Castile Soap which contains coconut oil that he is very sensitive to. I checked out the ones you mentioned above and they have a long list of ingredients too. What do you think about the comments from waterwipes? His butt looks pretty good after using them for a couple of days but I surely don’t want to be putting harsh chemicals on his little tush!

      The daycare has to follow three different licensing agencies for their certifications so that’s the cause for the strict rules. Looks like I’ll be doing some more research! Thanks!

      • I know it’s so hard to find the right products. They might be missing some nasty ingredients & then have a huge list of other strange things. It’s interesting what Waterwipes has to say, maybe take a closer look at them. Check the EWG website for there recommendations. Waterwipes gets a good rating.

  29. GSE cleared up my gum disease. My dentist would not clean my teeth until I allowed them to treat my gums first with costly antibiotic injections into my gums. Even though I had dental insurance, I could not afford the co-pay. I researched the Internet and found articles on organic GSE used to cure gum disease linked to damaging the heart. I began flossing with organic GSE using a drop or two 3 times a week. Saved me thousands of dollars at the dentist. The dentist was amazed three months later when I came in to get my teeth cleaned. My gums looked healthy. He asked if I had them treated somewhere else.
    My mom began using it to clear up yeast infections and help control/prevent UTI’s. It works for us. Not sure I am ready to give up GSE just yet.

    • “My dentist would not clean my teeth until I allowed them to treat my gums first with costly antibiotic injections into my gums.” — that’s one of the major problems with GSE. It keeps taking care of issues that you are supposed to be paying top dollar to treat. The dental examples are many, but only a small speck of the big picture when it comes to the “damage” GSE is causing big pharma’s bank account by saving you money.

      Don’t think they care about something as minor as GSE with all the other money they make? Think again; they want every dollar, and will do anything to get those dollars. The ongoing cancer scams (keeping known natural cures out of the public eye and/or tainting their reputations) is not enough for them. There will come a day when it will be illegal to even mention a natural remedy for any condition that has a costly treatment available from the drug companies. It’s very disturbing how this blog author uses cute “boogey woogie” terms and silly/sarcastic comments about purple ears to help further this underhanded cause. It almost makes her sound so simple minded that you HAVE to believe she has your best interest at heart when she’s just passing along the lies. Puppets… sad.

      I will be astonished if this post makes it past the predictable “awaiting moderation” step that my other post is still stuck on. haha

      • Jack, your words seem a bit harsh. The mission of this site is to provide non-toxic, natural remedies and healthy recipes. Just yesterday I spoke at a summit on six common kitchen items I’ve used in place of OTC and prescription medications with my little ones, whom have never had any “real” medication. When the summit goes live I will be sharing it for free here. If you disagree on my assessment that GSE is not as natural as it seems I respect that, but I am more than comfortable with the findings I have shared here and stand behind them.

        • I have to say that Heather is merely letting people know that she has found GSE not to be as natural as she would like in order to suggest on her site for people to use it. And if the research she has presented is in fact true, then she is doing the right thing.
          THAT BEING SAID……
          It doesn’t mean that GSE is not still a great option for those who don’t have to have everything they consume or put on their body or breath into their lungs 100% pure! Who can even accomplish this??
          GSE works, it’s benefits are amazing, and fast, and for most people they have nothing less then amazing success with it, without any side effects at all.
          The good sides WAY out number any negative sides.
          The air you breath is way more toxic!!

      • Though come off as a bit rude, I can’t help but agree with your point. GSE works PERIOD. It has been proven to have no known side effects, and has saved thousands of people from a lot of unnecessary suffering. I have tried many other methods to accomplish the same things GSE can do and NOTHING can do it better or quicker. These people who are throwing this in the garbage after reading one post are also eating all kinds of things that aren’t 100% natural, likely every day. It’s sad that people can make a decision like that so quickly without researching it further themselves.
        It’s SAFE
        It’s non toxic
        Research for yourself people from places that don’t have invested interests. This site does not, I’m not saying she does, but when googling it, be highly suspicious of products being dragged under the bus if they are taking major profit the mainstream health organizations! They’ll lie through their teeth to sway you.

  30. So I make a fruit and veggie spray :
    1cup water
    1 cup vinegar
    1 tbsp baking soda
    20 drops GSE

    Spray on fruits and veggies, wait 2 minutes and rinse off. Have any other suggestions instead of this??

    Great article by the way

  31. We have been using GSE as an alternative antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial treatment for a host of things. My daughter is unable to take conventional antibiotics (they make her very sick) but she has used GSE successfully for years with far mor effective results than the rest of us have gotten from traditional antibiotics. It knocked out her strep throat in three days. My husband got a bad infection from a deer fly bite. He took GSE in a glass of water three times a day and within a couple days the swelling was down and the localized fever was gone. Within five days he was totally back to normal. We will continue to use and trust it. It’s never failed us. I appreciate your research but while it may not be as “natural” as we think, it’s a far less worrisome remedy (IMO) than anything the pharmaceutical industry has to offer.

  32. Ok so are you saying that if my bottle of GSE lists the ingredients as vegetable glycerine (67%) and grapefruit seed extract (33%) that there are hidden chemicals and solvents, or that only if i lists extra perservatives?

  33. oh no! Ive been using the GSE from nutribiotic.. where can one purchase “the real” GSE?

    As a side note.. my nutritionist Feline Butcher, says that soy is a culprit in many conditions, and is pretty much toxic to the body.. it is estrogenic, like plastics… which really messes people up, especially men.. soy can cause excema (did i spell that right?) lol… man boobs, and all kinds of things.. it really messes up the endocrine system.. so NO SOY!!!

  34. There are different products being marketed as grapefruit seed extract. You can buy grapefruit seed extract that is simply ground grapefruit seed and pulp with vegetable glycerin – no synthetic agents.

  35. I have used NutiBiotic GSE for a decade in my water pik. It removes most of the plague leaving very little for the floss to remove. Just recently I went to the dentist when I cracked a filling by an accident. I hadn’t been to the dentist or hygienist in eight years. He asked me where I was getting my teeth cleaned ! because my teeth were so clean. After using the water pik & GSE and flossing, I brush my teeth and gums with coconut oil. wonderful ! If GSE by NutriBiotic is as bad as the other products mentioned, it has not been my experience….when members of my household family get colds and flu, I never catch their sickness…. It would be hard to give up what has worked so well for my oral health….is it any worse than the toxic stuff in mouthwashes? Still Puzzled by this blog

    • I feel the same way…puzzled at where this is coming from. Heather, everyone has an opinion and I respect yours, I just feel like you are throwing the baby out with the bath water instead of determining if the brand you tested was bad quality. Our family was on the antibiotic merry- go- around 7 years ago and we just kept getting strep, taking an antibiotic, getting over it for a week and it was back again. The GSE knocked it out for all of us-permanently. We do/did not continue taking the GSE after that week of treatment and we have never caught strep since. That was 7 years ago…strange huh? The nasties in antibiotics are IMHO more adverse to yours body than GSE- especially when you are taking an ongoing course of antiboitics. Purchase a brand of GSE as Jack said above that is horribly bitter and won’t foam and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how effective it is.

      • Bet, there are a few things I feel it is important to clarify. First, I did not personally test any brands. I am citing a study supervised by chemist G. Takeoka.

        Second, my reason for not thinking this is a brand-specific issue is that according to the study cited here (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10399191), when the researchers made grapefruit seed extract from fresh grapefruits it did not demonstrate any antimicrobial activity. The researchers concluded that the extract did not have any inherent antimicrobial properties.

        In other words, it is my understanding that you can’t make a potent antimicrobial GSE extract in your kitchen using just seeds, water and glycerin. Something has to be added.

  36. Some people here seem to think, very naively, that ‘organic’ is the same thing as ‘healthy’ or ‘good stuff, yay!’. It’s not. Many natural/organic compounds are highly toxic. Many synthetic compounds are highly beneficial.
    Moreover, plenty of natural substances can be synthesised in the lab, and the latter is identical to the former.

  37. what if you dehydrate and grind your own and add to glycerin? You never talked about why you wouldn’t do that. Does it still contain all those chemicals?


    • Hi Daniell, you can certainly do that, but according to this study no antimicrobial activity could be detected with grapefruit seeds prepared this way. The researchers concluded that it was not the grapefruit seeds themselves, but the chemicals added to most extracts that are antimicrobial.

        • Hi, It says: Affiliations – Institute of Pharmacy – in Germany, which makes me think of Big Pharma, but I don’t know. I do know it is possible to fabricate research studies and “debunk” a diet for example, have it printed in UK newspapers, and now everybody doing research quotes that newspaper article. The design of the research on the particular diet was so obviously flawed – did not test the true diet at all – but most people don’t look beyond the surface titles/abstracts, etc.

      • I don’t know if you are familiar with the history of echinacea, but for a long time people used it to cure illness. They thought it could cure any kind of flu/cold/even snake bites or threat to the body. Later science proved it had zero anti-biotic properties, and so they stopped using it for things like colds/flu/etc. LATER they found that it wasn’t the fact that it needed to contain anti-biotic properties, but that it worked on flu/cold/etc. because it made the body think it was poisoned, and so it stimulated the body’s OWN immune system which would kill the flu/etc. Maybe GSE does work, but not in the way scientists have found yet. Maybe they don’t contain antimacrobial properties, but they work in the body in a different way like echinacea. Just a thought.

  38. I’m coming to this conversation late as I am coming to homeopathic remedies a bit late as well. Two questions: 1st there is mold on the windowsill of my son’s room and I’m seeing mold on the wall as I moved his bed away. I bought GSE by Nutribiotic 33% GSE67% glycerine. I was planning on mixing it with water and spraying it as I researched that GSE not only removes but kills spores (trust me if it returns landlord will be called) 2nd I was going to ingest it but now I’m having second thoughts. I love the benefits of GSE and a comment was to use GSE pure I guess and mix with vegetable glycerine. Why do you have to mix it with vegetable glycerine? What is the point of vegetable glycerine. Ok back to my mold issue. Do I return the NutriBiotic and just use Hydrogen Peroxide? Help is no much appreciated to a homeopathic newbee! Thank you!

  39. YIKES! I have what a Dr. told me is Erysipelas (staph) on my face. Extremely itchy and nasty. It cleared up for a few days with anti-biotics but now is back. I have wiped down door knobs with bleach, clean pillow case every day, washed my pillow in bleach and hot water. Health food store sold me NutriBiotic GSE and pro-biotics (30 billion). Just took the last of the 50 billion this morning. Now what?

    • I will tell you the short of the story.Tested 2 cultures with various samples of bacteria etc treated with a 4 year old bottle of GSE and a current bottle of GSE.New one showed no properties to slow down or stop anything from making the petri dish look like a thick forest. 5 year old GSE showed next to no growth after 1 week.Bottom line is new process does not do what old one did for what ever reason.

      • I can tell you the reason. FDA, the GSE company reported to me, raided them and required them to recall all stock, destroy uncirculated stock, and make a product WITHOUT grapefruit seed. New label, which alerted me to a change when it happened … plus it tasted different, not as awful … was the reason I telephoned the company. The label no longer mentioned ‘Citricidal,’ and there were other differences.
        I have since searched for undiluted pure grapefruit seed extract in liquid form. Found it, bought a pint for a hundred or so dollars, and then IT too was unavailable. It is VERY caustic and is the color of honey.
        I have taken the old product, sometimes at prodigious doses, from 1960-something to when the formula changed in late 2012. It had so many uses. Put it in makeup, laundry, toothbrush, shampoo … lots of uses. It killed the worst athlete’s foot for a worker at my ranch.

        I had people in Europe try to find it, if someone there took up the manufacture. Nada.

        I think FDA raided it because it was too effective, based on my experience with it. I quit using it when the formula changed.

        There’s a powder form that is light brown or tan in color, that does not have the pungent taste, that claims to be pure. Don’t know about that.

        Have actually considered buying a small still to make my own. This stuff preserves health.

        • Nutribiotic brand GSE is still widely available (we sell it in my husbands store in both liquid and tablet form and it runs roughly 16$ What company are you referring to that got raided by the FDA? I hate to break it to you but if you’re paying 100$ for GSE you’re getting ripped off. And it’s totally AGAINST manufacturing laws to label a product as grapefruit seed extract when there is actually NO grapefruit seed extract in said produc. Also, the FDA does NOT have the power to require that companies selling a product that isn’t regulated through the FDA remove certain ingredients, it doesn’t work that way, at all. If you are looking for GSE, the company Nutribiotic, has a great product which contains NO synthetic chemicals. You can order it online and have it shipped directly to you.

          • Comments on Nutribiotic GSE on amazon state that this product is no longer the same, not bitter and is now sweeter. What a shame.

      • What brand did you test? How many tests did you perform? What type of bacteria culture did you use? What was the data from your control group?
        And bacteria simply cannot grow in an antimicrobial solution, (that’s what GSE is) GSE is also widely used as a food preservative for because of its antimicrobial properties. You probably did a test with a crap brand, that is not from a reputable company. Read the 1000’s of widely available studies that show the effecacy of the product.

      • I found the same thing. Old one also foams when stirred in water, New one doesn’t. So, whatever was in the old one, is no longer in the new stuff.

  40. I was wondering if you have ever heard of or tried Caprylic Acid instead of GSE? I am working with a program that calls for GSE but says that I could use Caprylic Acid instead but it will take more capsules to do the job. I plan to research it a bit before I use it but was wondering if you had heard of it. Thanks!

    • In regards to Caprylic Acid. Found naturally in coconuts and a natural anti-viral/fungal. It is very affordable (Solaray Capryl – Amazon $10.29) and I have been using it for years as a means to help restore the GI Flora in my intestinal gut. I have had the misfortune of intestinal parasites while traveling abroad and found that Caprylic Acid has been a tremendous aid in recovery. I found it also beneficial when having a stomach flu to help restore and expedite healing. Because the intestinal gut is so key for health for the whole body, focusing on balance there first may rid the body of other health issues (especially candida related). I have learned of it benefits while traveling in the South Pacific where locals in Rarotonga (in the Cook Islands) use coconut water and milk from the green coconut for healing stomach/gut problems. I know, over the years, it is a remedy that I go back to when experiencing disharmony in my colon. I hope this information helps.

  41. I’ve been using it for years after rinsing my mouth with it cured a gum infection. Dipping my toothbrush in it stopped the smell they get. It also worked in killing the horrible moldy smell my sponge gets.

    BUT if it’s toxic chemicals, I don’t want it!

    What else could work like this? I wish we knew for sure….

    • Hi BevJo. This was news to me too. I used to use GSE but naturally moved away from it since i use essential oils for all that kind of stuff. I had always wanted to use essential oils but was intimidated by all their uses and what to use for what until i found out a work friend at the hospital used them. Anyway, they have a lot of benefits and can detox your home and body. But just like the GSE i wouldn’t just go to the health store and grab any essential oil. Some have added synthetics and chemicals too. I check the background and research of the company to make sure they don’t use them.

  42. Hi all, I just came across this & didn’t ake the time to read all of your posts (yet) but I just want to say that Nutribiotic brand GSE liquid formula only has vegetable glycerine added, no other scary chemicals and it has worked brilliantly for me in the past.

    • Ok, I’ve now read most of them & I stand corrected. I agree that I wont use it anymore, due to the use of hidden toxic ingredients. Thanks for your research,

    • I am just starting to use the nutribiotic brand as well and I am super sensitive to anything chemical and I have had a racing heart and my tongue felt funny too. I eat so well all organic and clean! No caffeine lots if whole foods no alcohol nothing so a racing heart is always a sign and this blog post is the only one ive found with hhis info! I am confused! Maybe will contact the brand! Am curious about earlier comment re caphylic acid!
      Thanks !

      Ps process for nutribiotic is the same chemical process?

    • You are right. Mine has only this ingredient also and it works perfectly. Don’t listen to all who say it’s cancerous etc. I and friends have been using it for years. Works great!!!

  43. I understand why there is so much information being shared and it’s very helpful,
    but for people who need to “cut to the chaste”, could you possibly be specific ?
    Product brands recommended ?
    Product exact name recommended ?
    Oil ? yes
    Extract ? no
    Thank you !

  44. Thank you for this great article. Im wondering what you think of ‘Water Wipes’ – They are 99.98 water and .02 GSE – I use them on my 10mth twin babies and have done since they were born. Do you think its bad in such a small percentage? Thanks

  45. Why write a blog and not answer questions particularly about the nutribiotic brand. Can you prove it has hidden toxic ingredients?

      • As I wrote in the post, researchers concluded that grapefruit seed extract processed without solvents did not demonstrate antimicrobial activity. Six commercially available grapefruit seed extracts were tested: five tested positive for synthetic compounds and one did not. However, the one that did not also did not demonstrate strong antimicrobial activity. The researchers did not disclose brands, which is one of the reasons I have not discussed them here.

        “Thus, it is concluded that the potent as well as nearly universal antimicrobial activity being attributed to grapefruit seed extract is merely due to the synthetic preservative agents contained within. Natural products with antimicrobial activity do not appear to be present.”

        Here is a link to the study abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10399191

  46. Someone recommended grapeseed oil or extract for traveling out of the country to build up immune system. Do you have an alternative you’d recommend? Thank you

    • Sarah,

      Grape seed oil is NOT grapefruit seed extract. Grapeseed oil is from the seeds of grapes. Grapefruit is a totally different fruit. There is nothing wrong with grape seed oil. I use it all the time. Go ahead an use the grape seed oil. It is good for you. Hope you have a safe and fun trip.

      • Actually, you’ll want to hit the Google about that statement. Grape seed oil (the kind you cook with, sold in the store next to other cooking oils) is extracted using some pretty harsh solvents. I’ve stopped using it after researching it.

        On the other hand, I feel like the bottom seems to drop out of everything the closer you look at it…

  47. So, someone at a health foods store recommended this item to me, more specific the Nutribiotic brand. I have reoccurring yeast infections, reoccurring BV infections, and now have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp which is apparently an overgrowth of a type of yeast. So the man suggested I use GSE to help with overgrowth of yeast in my body and to help restore my gut flora. Now after reading this, I obviously don’t want to use it anymore. But I’m also at a loss for what to do with my health issues. I’ve tried every avenue from diet change, to tea tree oil, to garlic, to clove oils, to probiotics, to dead sea salt, to duesches, etc. I eat only all natural and organic veggies, fruits, meats, and eggs, and don’t consume coffee, sugar, breads, or pasta. Doctors meds don’t help, only subside the symptoms. Someone please help, because I really don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Suggestions: Iodine (research Lugol’s versus Nascent), Oreganol P73, Olive Leaf, Probiotics, Probiotics, Probiotics (must be taken 2 hours away from any antibiotic/antiseptic type medicines and/or herbs such as those I just mentioned) since the antibiotics you already took decreased your beneficial gut flora (try 1/4 cup RAW sauerkraut with each meal). It takes two to three months to build your beneficial gut bacteria count back up to pre-antibiotic use. Also, drink no fluoridated water or drinks. That includes anything you buy/use with any liquid content where you have no idea the water quality used to process the product.

    • For your scalp, try Ancient Sunrise Henna bought from Mehandi.com. The owner earned her PhD studying henna and has all the info you could possibly want on the subject. They have a brick and mortar store in Ohio and you can call their customer service number to talk to a real person. I highly recommend them. I only buy their henna.
      For your vag, stop douching NOW! It’s a scam.
      I really feel for you. I’ve gone through a period of candida over abundance. Getting off sugar helped me immensely but I also discovered I had food allergies. Try seeing an allergist and getting tested.
      I hope you can clear up your candida.
      Light and love.

    • I had very bad scalp issues, dry & flakey with redness and itching and stopped using all products with sulfates…it has taken almost 2 months, but I’m 90% better. Also, started using Sunfood Natural Plant-Based Shampoo and Conditioner with great results. BTW, I have never, ever had any kind of scalp problems until this.

    • Just wanted to chime in about something that’s been working for me for over a year…expensive but never had such dramatic, marked improvement…Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Vaginal Care (pink label) Hope this helps! It’s expensive but oh so worth the dollars.

  48. My bottle of paracan MYC says it contains grapefruit seed extract and other ingredients magnesium sterate, gelatin and silicon dioxide. Does it still have those other chemicals to? I am having trouble with my my thyroid, hormones and GI issues. Even have a horrible rash on face and food sensitivities. It says main ingredient is Grapefruit seed Extract/citrus paradisi

    • Have you checked to see if you have Celiac disease? There is a skin condition that can go along with the disease call DH, I would suggest you look in to that? I wish you the best!

  49. I have to disagree with the above. I had a horrible infected tooth resulting in a root canal and eventually tooth extraction with continued pain and possible chronic bone infection. This is the first thing that has given me relief, made me feel better all around and I will continue on it. I have had absolutely no side effects.
    For me this has been a prayer answered. I am generally a very healthy person and in the medical field. This tooth infection was so severe it actually robbed me of two years of feeling well. After a naturopath recommended this, while skeptical I gave it a try and could not be happier.

  50. Oh right! GSE is SOOOOOOOO dangerous, and conventional drugs are NOT???? LOL…..I have to laugh at this ridiculous implication. Big Pharma has injured or killed more people with their chemical drugs, and this natural antibiotic may be processed with ‘harmful’ chemicals? Don’t let this article scare you. If you use it according to specifications it is a wonderful cure all, that is about 1000 times safer than drugs.

  51. I’m a bit lost. Nutribiotic claims this substance isn’t in their product. I wrote a few months ago and asked. Below is their response. They also sent a lab report separately. I know companies can be misleading. But this forthright denial seems legitimate to me.

    Statement Regarding the Allegations Claiming Grapefruit Seed Extract Contains Synthetic Preservatives

    In response to claims of grapefruit seed extract (GSE) containing synthetic chemical preservatives, we would like to address the allegations: Our existing raw material supplier of GSE states their brand does not contain any synthetic chemical preservatives. In addition, our GSE is randomly tested by an independent 3rd party lab as part of our standard operating procedures and has never had any positive results for synthetic preservatives. Please see an example lab test attached. The processing and packaging of our GSE complies with FDA-mandated Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is produced in a compliant manufacturing facility. We have been distributing our GSE for over 25 years. We believe the allegations are false, and are not a threat to those armed with accurate information. The vast body of evidence from many years of use by thousands of satisfied consumers, doctors, and veterinarians speaks most loudly against such reports.

    2021 West Commonwealth Avenue Suite B, Fullerton, California 92833
    Tel. 714-526-2892; Fax 714-526-2894

    Nutribiotic Report Date: 03/22/13 865 Parallel Dr Report No.: 339816-03062
    Lakeport, CA 95453
    Date Received: 03/18/13
    Tel.: 707-263-0411
    Sample ID: Grapefruit Seed Extract Liq Sample Lot: 06013
    Attn: Kenny Ridgeway
    Test ID: 1303062
    Analyses Claim Method Result Benzethonium Chloride <5.0 ppm HPLC <5.0 PPM Benzalkonium Chloride <5.0 ppm HPLC <5.0 PPM Triclosan <5.0 ppm HPLC <5.0 PPM Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate <5.0 ppm HPLC <5.0 PPM .


    Danny Pang, Lab Mgr.

    • I can’t believe that this company isn’t required to list these on the label even at these minute amounts. Even this amount would affect me negatively. Makes me wonder what other products could contain these toxins?!?!

      • Not to be obtuse but, is this sample lab report actually showing that Nutribiotic GSE does contain these chemicals (even though it shows <5ppm)?

        Also, why would they make the statement that "Our existing raw material supplier of GSE states their brand does not contain any synthetic chemical preservatives. In addition, our GSE is randomly tested by an independent 3rd party lab as part of our standard operating procedures and has never had any positive results for synthetic preservatives", if the lab report shows differently?

        I'm confused.

        • I have worked Q&A and while not in the medical field, we did outsource some of our testing and it is the wording of the results. It does not show the actual numbers of the test in the email. It does not show the “ppm” numbers. When we outsources we would receive the actual numbers but on our forms to our customers we would not fill in the numbers for each batch tested, simply fill in that the sample tested was within specified ranges. Saying that, yes in a perfect world it would be zero. I am not a chemist and would have to study the results as well as actually spending the time to understand who sets the requirements for this type of labeling. It could be the company or it could be the federal government that mandates the labeling and the variances, I simply don’t know that information. I have read in a few places that GSE is known to have contaminants due to the lack of integrity of manufacturers, imagine that! (sarcasm). I have read contrary to this blog about effectiveness of GSE in environmental mold, so it would take a bit to determine if I will select to utilize this substance or use other methods without the controversy.

          But to be clear about the wording of the ONE sample – it does not show the exact amounts of that sample, merely that the substances were not “out of range” so to speak. When we received our reports back they had the actual numbers of the specific tests and we then checked the form we supplied to our customers that the item was within range. I would be very much more interested in seeing more than one day’s sample. I would prefer to see a random selection of sample’s and the actual ppm.
          Perhaps the lab manager meant in his statement “has never had any positive results for synthetic preservatives” meant that the actual reports were zero. If you were concerned about it I would write and ask. Some of the forms and the way we had to word things both for the customer’s requirements, the government’s requirements, as well as the outsourcing testing companies requirements would have made it difficult for outsiders of the industry to really understand not only the report but the true aim of the testing to the completed products.

          Hope that helps….and yes I am also aware of items in the grocery store that say, “no trans fats” when the government allows them to have a low percentage per serving and still claim to have none.

          Know your companies you buy from and also watch who owns them since many organic companies are being purchased by the larger food industry corporations that choose to feed us poisons.

    • I’m confused, and not to be obtuse but, is this sample lab report actually showing that Nutribiotic GSE does contain these chemicals (even though it shows <5ppm)?

      Also, why would they make the statement that "Our existing raw material supplier of GSE states their brand does not contain any synthetic chemical preservatives. In addition, our GSE is randomly tested by an independent 3rd party lab as part of our standard operating procedures and has never had any positive results for synthetic preservatives", if the lab report shows differently?

  52. My citricidal grapefruit seed extract does not contain any of the chemicals that you mention. Maybe condemning the product based on limited research of the various brands of the product is premature, reactionary and misleading. You have failed to make your argument against citricidal grapefruit seed extract. Your argument against the chemicals in particular brand/s you surveyed is quite compelling, maybe you should clarify the distinction.

  53. I’ve brushed with Nutribiotic brand for several years, full- strength (in spite of dilution recommendations) and swallowed. Several tooth and gum issues resolved or were mitigated such that the dentist commented on the overall oral health. It seems to have a beneficial effect on my guts as well. Somebody’s gonna have to prove real detriment before this consumer switches. Never found anything close…

  54. This is scary to say the least. I have MCS and ANY AMOUNT of these synthetic ingredients would affect me negatively. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’ve also read other reports that back this up. All I can say is that if GSE truly contains these synthetic ingredients and it isn’t listed on the label, GOD HELP US!

  55. Gary Takeoka, the head of this research, did his postdoctoral work with artificial and processed food moguls such as Nestle and Nabisco. I’d be more concerned about eating the “foods” he is busily engaged in “enhancing” on payroll. The first question to ask with research papers is who funded it? The USDA brings us anti-biotic strewn, factory farmed meat they call food and approve the pharmaceuticals that designed for profit and disease, not public health.

  56. I was really disappointed when I first started reading these studies a few years back. That being said, whatever the chemicals are they appeared to save my son by killing an infection that antibiotics would not. Antibiotics and medicines are chemicals (well, obviously every natural alternative is also chemical :p ) so sometimes I just have to weigh my options but at least I’m making an informed decision and not ‘fooled’ into believing that it is actually the GSE, but rather the processing that renders it useful.

  57. When I ingest Nutribiotic GSE tablets, I get a red, itchy rash on my stomach and extremities. I have autoimmune issues and quite a few food sensitivites, and I tried taking GSE for a UTI, but uva ursi and d-mannose are said to effectively eliminate even aggressive UTI’s. There’s usually a comparable alternative to any remedy, so it would seem foolhardy to continue to use the widely available synthetic GSE at this point. On the other hand, 5 ppm is an extremely tiny amount, so the rash I’m experiencing could be an allergic reaction to the actual grapefruit seed. Ultimately, if there is no existing evidence of antibiotic ability on the part of natural, non-synthetically produced GSE, it seems best to avoid it.

  58. I took Nutribiotics Grapefruit seed extract echinacea on Monday Jan 10 & Tuesday Jan 11-2016 and end up into hospital with severe heart and muscle function, doctors and tests could not find anything then I left on Thursday as having some tests exams by signing out a discharge (took a risk) and stopped taking it without knowing that supps. was the culprit and started today Jan. 16th 2016 as I still feel under the weather and the pain in the chest and the heart started again. Not recommending it, advised the health store from where my wife bough it. Thanks

    • Do you possibly have an underlying heart condition? I take the same brand. Never had issues, I know many people that take it just fine.

  59. You say you eat eggs, so you obviously don’t care about your health anyway. Nothing wrong with responsibly sourced, organic GSE.

  60. Heather, thank you for this post! I stumbled across it when researching about GSE. I had read an article before on it, and how people are being fooled into thinking it’s natural. I’m a green blogger and really appreciate you taking the time to write this-so helpful!

  61. Has anyone gotten rid of Impetigo using Nutribiotic?? I was weary of buying this brand due to reviews but I broke down and got the pills and liquid. I have eczema so I am prone to impetigo and was curious what brands were better than Nutribiotic also this my second day of using it so I a, giving it a chance just curious

  62. There are a lot of people commenting here who are demonstrating problems with reading comprehension. The article never says that off-the-shelf GSE is ineffective. It only talks about the mechanism of its effects.

    Diphenol hydroxybenzene is an antimicrobial preservative. It is often included in off-the-shelf GSE and does not require separate labeling.

    GSE with no diphenol hydroxybenzene added has not been shown to be effective.

    If off-the-shelf GSE worked for you, that is because diphenol hydroxybenzene helped you, not anything that came from the grapefruit seeds themselves.

  63. The chemical is created by the very “synthesis” of manufacturing the product. The very reason why
    it is not on “ingrediant list”. Nutribiotic ( formerly Citricidal GSE producer) lists GSE and glycerin;
    this is the formula for most GSE brands. Simple. This is not all that surprising; chemical reactions occur during manufacturing processes. What is surprising as a bottom line to the blog
    is the statement that untreated ( by manufacturing) GSE does not have antimicrobial properties.
    This is the bone I would pick with the article. Vitamin C and it’s derivatives all contain natural
    anti microbial properties. The issue is the actual source and quality of the fruit- is it GMO, etc?
    Furthermore, a deep concern, as others here have alluded to, is that Nutribiotic has a newly changed
    formula which is highly suspect. The “Original” GSE, contained “organic grapefruit” and was
    a hugely successful formula, upon which the reputation of Nutribiotic rested.
    I am not sure it was a “Raid” as previously posted, but there was some definite FDA interference
    that made them change their formula away from the organic. Since I do not doubt these recent
    posters landed in hospital as a result of this new formula, and that formerly Nutribiotic was the “trusted” label, what is the consumer to do?

  64. Excellent comments ! I loved the insight . Does anyone know if I can get ahold of a template Blank Cleaning Form version to complete ?

  65. First off I want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I have found it to be very informative.

    I am very concerned with the effects of coming in contact with substances/chemicals/GMO’s,etc, that are in the environment, foods we eat, products topically applied.

    Conflict of interest is obvious in the medical/pharmaceutical/food industries, along with government agencies such as the FDA/USDA whose job it is to protect the people, yet profit from the all mighty dollar, seems to be the focus.

    The drug infomercials are the best. They want you to take their drugs and then they list all the possible side effects sometimes including death! That list in itself takes up more time than the time spent talking about how their drugs will help you.

    Remember the “pink slime” issue that became public in the early part of 2000, involving salvaged parts of beef (connective tissue, cartilage, and sinew which contain fat, and may include the most contaminated portions near the hide), which are then processed and exposed to ammonia gas or citric acid to kill bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. In the United States, the end product is allowed to be used as a filler in ground beef, and other beef-based meat products. The product is banned in Canada due to the presence of ammonia in it, and it is banned for human consumption in the European Union. The use of ammonium hydroxide is included on the FDA’s list of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) procedures, and is used in similar applications for numerous other food products, including puddings and baked goods. The above information is from Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_slime

    Grapefruit Seed Extract and this discussion is of great interest to me. I feel its important to check the sources and do my own research in order to come to my own conclusion. You can’t place merit on just one article, source or document, etc.

    At the beginning of this article, I clicked on one of the sources sited under the paragraph titled:
    Other synthetic chemicals/preservatives that have been found in grapefruit seed extract include: Triclosan…..Methylparaben.
    The source I clicked on was the third and last one in this paragraph.
    The following is the last sentence of this source: Triclosan was detected in two samples at 0.009 and 1.13%concentrations; while methyl paraben was not detected in the samples analyzed.

    My questions with this particle source are: With regards to Triclosan being found: how many samples were used in order to produce this finding. Was it 2 out of 2, or 2 out of 200. Regarding methylparaben: it was NOT detected in the samples.

    Perfect example of doing your own research. I also wonder if it is possible that the procedures and chemicals used to perform these tests, and others, actually produce or altar the chemical they are looking for.

    My bottom line is there is so much to take into consideration when deciding what you want to expose yourself to. It’s all a personal decision based on what you think is best for you and your own circumstances. In this day and age, who can you, and who do you really trust? The answer for me, at least, is myself. I will do my own research, and I will weigh the good and the bad and come to the best conclusion I possible can.

    • Hi ni, I’m headed into the kitchen so this reply will be real quick, but for me the most informative part of the research I linked to is that grapefruit seed extract prepared without solvents demonstrated no antimicrobial activity.

      • Thanks for this provocative post Heather. It motivates us all to be informed consumers.

        I googled Citricidal (which is not manufactured with solvents and has been shown to be free of benzethonium chloride) and “natural ingredient.”

        The second search result led me to the Citricidal brochure that compares its antimicrobial activity against 60 pathogens. Here is the summary:

        The Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Study is a microbiological assay used to evaluate the relative potency of CITRICIDAL® compared to other antimicro- bial agents. This study demonstrates CITRICIDAL® to be a minimum of ten (10X) to one hundred times (100X) more effective than other agents tested against the organisms used in this study.

        The article that mentions this is “Citricidal Interview with Richard Perry”

        For the complete test results you’ll find a five-page brochure. Just google “Citricidal brochure.”


  66. Hi, I know this post is very old but I have a quick question. I have been using GSE (Nutribiotic brand) in my lotions for a while now and it is just about the only thing that will help them keep for more that a month without molding. I have also been dealing with some hormonal issues so I am trying to avoid any hormone/endocrine disruptors. What would you recommend in place of it as an antifungal?


  67. I use nutribiotic. I’ve used it to cure diaper rash, yeast infections, antibiotic resistant strep, norovirus, strep throat in my kids, and a host of other things. You might want to re look into this. The things you say are in it (chemicals) are closely related to a natural compound, and could have been mistaken. Found an article explaining this on the net a while back, knowing how well it works already, and is why I choose to continue to use it after reading your article. Not trying to say your wrong, but maybe it deserves a better look. This is honestly the best thing in my medicine cabinet.

  68. Heather, thank you for all the time and research you’ve done and graciously shared. Your research on GSE, gave me pause because I’ve used it successfully for years. However, I felt more research was necessary and this is my most relevant find:
    QWhat about rumours of Chemicals in GSE?
    ANewsgroups and email groups have received postings to the effect that GSE contains Triclosan, Benzelthonium Chloride, or Methyl Paraben. The source of this type of report comes from both Germany(Here is the PubMed reference to the German Report) and Japan, where Citricidal is not approved for human consumption. A more recent attack on GSE can be found at this link. The reason is that Citricidal is very similar in molecular weight to both Benzelthonium Chloride and Triclosan, both of which are effective disinfectants, but are toxic to human and animal life. In Germany their test(which is not well documented at all) for BC, Triclosan, and M.Paraben came up positive(which is more correctly called a “false positive”) and in Japan, the same is happening for Triclosan. USDA found benzelthonium chloride in its 2001 test. Was this a simple error or a deliberate attempt to scare people away from Citricidal and Nutribiotic products?

    Meanwhile, Citricidal has been tested for the presence of these toxins by independent labs, and has been proven clean. (Ex: Weston Gulf Coast Laboratories, Inc., University Park, IL, test completed in March of 1992. Tested for heavy metals, Cyanides, Pesticides and PCBs and Benzelkonium Chloride. Results: None Detected.) In fact, the accusations about triclosan(used in many dish and hand soaps in the US) became so frequent a few years ago, that Citricidal began specifically testing each batch of GSE for its absense, and providing a Certificate of Analysis to that effect.

    The truth is, Citricidal is not only effective, it has been in use for decades and recommended by many high profile doctors and healthcare professionals. If these allegations had any validity, there certainly would be a history of complaints and judgements against the product, and it would have been removed from the market many years ago. Triclosan has recently been compared to “Agent Orange” in toxicity. The EPA rates triclosan as “highly toxic”. The US FDA made inspections of the Nutribiotic manufacturing facility back in the 1990’s and found no chemical preservatives; and the formula is the same today.

    Such rumours are false, and are not a threat to those armed with accurate information. The test reports from Germany and Japan and the USDA are certainly bothersome, but they have produced “false positives”, not accurate profiles. The vast body of evidence from many years of use by thousands of satisfied consumers, doctors, manufacturers, and veterinarians, speaks most loudly against such reports. (The German report, linked above, does suggest that some suppliers of “GSE” may, in fact, be fraudulent. But Citricidal and NutriBiotic GSE are both proven, safe, and effective products.)
    Taken from: https://www.nutriteam.com/faq

    I’d love to know your thoughts.

    • Thank you Melissa

      Citricidal along with black seed oil are the only medicine my household uses to stay healthy, so this was very reassuring to read.

  69. I’m really surprised. I’m a 7 yrs recovering Leaky Gut Syndrome ‘person’ and have done lots of research…bottom line is, ‘my jury’ is still out concerning GSE, however, references to trusting the USDA & EPA about ‘allowed’ ingredients surprises me…I’ve learned throughout my years of research, to NOT trust those agencies.

    Thank you everyone for all of this input, however, my research continues.

  70. Hello Heather, thank you for your posts. I have found this one (grapefruit seed extract) most useful. I am looking for a safe natural organic antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal ingredient to add to my stored water. Hopefully with a desirable taste or no taste, that will allow me to drink without pause. I was searching “How to make natural organic grapefruit seed extract”, when I read your post. FYI, I read your email on a on/off basis. I know that chorine and iodine are common, I was taught that in the military, I wasn’t organic then, now I am. I appreciate what you do and look forward to your reply. Alexander

  71. Can any INFORMED well researched person tell me what to look for in an authentic sample of GSE? Should it or should it not foam when shook? How do I know the nutribiotic (sp?) brand is just as potent as it use to be? People comment it tastes less bitter now. I dont want to waste my money, and I have 6 kids, and little time figure this out myself.
    Does anyone REALLY know – foam or no foam?? Bitter or not bitter??
    I trust GSE and cant be scared off by minute amounts of “unnatural ingredients” but i want a brand that I can believe isn’t fake.

  72. I am very disappointed that you would post against GSE. This has been the only thing that cures many lingering ailments with my family – I’ve been using a blend from NutriBiotic Defense Plus blend that totally kicks butt. http://www.nutribiotic.com/defense-plus-45tabs.html
    I’ve used GSE for over 20 years. I highly recommend it over antibiotics. It has cured lingering coughs and sinus infections. It has cured strep throat. It seems to help with stomach problems too. Honestly, I question anyone who posts research against it.
    I know to follow the money when it comes to research, as I used to do fundraising work for the University of Washington, Biology Department. They get huge grants for pharmaceutical companies and the military to conduct research. I’m sure big pharma would be totally against Grapefruit Seed Extract because it would cost them a lot of money if more people started using this instead of their toxic drugs and vaccines. Talk about bad side effects, all you have to do is read the whole page of disclaimers on any pharma drug adds. Yuck!
    Granted if you eat too much sugar, cheap bad food, never exercise, and dont get enough sleep, well you are going to have health problems. Lifestyle is what makes or breaks your life.
    At 43 years old I am as healthy as a tiger. And I am willing to fight for what has kept me that way.

    • I agree. Not just pharma, but the entire healthcare industry would be at risk if everyone knew the truth about Citricidal and other plant-based medicines. That’s a huge threat from very small and poorly funded alternatives like Citricidal.

  73. I too have a bottle of nutribiotic, and have used it for over ten years…it has proved itself over and over topically on any number of rashes, sores, lesions etc. If you are familiar with morbid obesity… it works as a miracle on the infections that occur often between the folds… just ordered a new bottle on ebay…here’s the ingredient list right off the website: Ingredients
    Vegetable glycerine (67%) and grapefruit seed extract (33%). God Bless!

  74. Would GSE work for Aspergillosis(chronic fungal infection)? It is taken care of with antifungals, but docs won’t prescribe long enough to kill the Aspergillus off, because of risk of liver failure. Thank you.

  75. I have used Nutrabiotic GSE for many years with great success. Food poisoning, stomach flu, colds, candida, etc. It is a staple in our home and have bought it for others including a missionary going to foreign lands. We have used it on our animals, it made our dog well from being very ill, don’t know what she got into but GSE brought her back. I treated one of my chickens that was very sick with an infection and it brought her back from the brink of death.
    WE truly believe in it and sad to see any bad press on it. I do believe the government agencies are really not looking for our best but rather for the pocket book of big pharma!

  76. Hi Heather,
    I would like your opinion on my thought…. Is it possible that newer studies might not be as trustful as the older ones? I have found this page and they are talking from older studies where they were able to proof its effectiveness. I do believe that big pharma might manipulate natural remedies which are powerful healer but not useful for a patenting and money making

  77. Supposedly the active ingredient in GSE has a similar chemical weight and structure to benzethonium, but us not the same thing “The difference is our product has an oxygen and carbon bond that is different than that of benzethonium”
    If a researcher is not familar with the existance of this chemical it, seems resonable that one could be mistaken for the other.
    I doubt that all manufacturers of GSE are pulling the exact same scam and adding the exact same toxic chemical to their products to give an antimicrobal effect.
    I guess if you are truely worried you can grind up your own grapefruit seeds in a vitamix?

  78. Hey there.. i am wondering.. i read that fruits nowadays contain high levels of pesticides fertilizers etc.. especially grapes apples grapefruits etc.. the pips and seeds supposedly.. so my qn is will the supplements of grape seed and grapefruit seed extracts still contain these toxic substances.. i suffer from pancreas problems and am looking for an organic grape seed and graprfruit seed extract but cannot seem to find any.. any help would be very much appreciated.. thank you..

  79. I spent around 6 years back packing through Africa and India and some of SE Asia and when I returned home I had some serious and ongoing gut/parasite/worm type issues. I was bloated and burped and farted lot , I was often irritable and sugary foods made me tired and cranky, I had Giardia , fasogyn and or flaxyl did come near fixing it , i tried everything from fasting to colonics and antibiotics , in the end I chanced upon grape fruit seed extract, I read all these clinical notes on it and put myself on 30 drops twice daily for a month .. IT WORKED!! All symptoms that had been with me for years went away , I had a flat stomach again and energy levels were up, it was a small
    Miracle and I swear by it for gastro intestinal issues such as Giardia or anything parasitical ..
    It’s marketed as travellers friend in some places and it and your toothbrush and toe nail clippers is all you really need to take is with you.. Give it a go .. I use s brand named citricidal and no they are not paying me to write this ( haha) happy travels ..Pete

  80. I’ve used GSE for years, my last 4oz bottle lasted over 10 years! Works amazingly well for Candida, skin infections, preserving food/water and so much more. I always take my bottle traveling with me no matter what! If you can’t get around the bitter taste then you’re probably not that serious about fixing your health concerns.

  81. So if GSE is not great than is there something else you would suggest? Anything you’d suggest for preventing parasites?

  82. My son-in-law was infected throughout his entire body by the deadly bacteria MRSA and was hospitalized. Doctors and nurses wore masks on entering his room, and a “DO NOT ENTER sign was placed on his door. He was not responding to intravenous antibiotics, and his condition was getting worse. Doctors asked him if he knew any reason that he was not responding to treatment. (He did not tell them he was on illegal drugs.) In desperation, his wife, my daughter, phoned me asking for advice. I recommended that she give him Capsules Plus (grapefruit seed extract) by NutriBiotics, suggesting that she give him more than then the usual dosage. She then gave him six capsules a day in divided doses. In less than a week blood tests showed that he was infection free. Five years later he remains infection free.

  83. A scientist suggesting that grapefruit seeds have no antibacterical, antiviral or antimicotic activity is a sellout quak. I’ve sprout many times grapefruit and pomelo seeds as other citrus fruits. The seed can be completely covered in slime of bacteria and mold but the seed remain perfect and keep sprouting. Many other seed will be just get rotten.

  84. You say no good but many on the comments keep saying yay…. it is a little confusing.

    OK, so no good, wow… mainly been using it for cleaning my fruit and vegetables.
    I am also on a search for something for my husband for immunity for can’t do garlic anymore because he is on the blood thinner Xarelto.

  85. Was so sad to read this after having been a fan of citricidal for years, so I emailed Higher Nature – the company that make the product I buy. This is their response which cheered me up no end and I shall happily continue to use it.

    Thank you for getting in touch regarding our Citricidal product. No
    solvents are used during the extraction process, and the Grapefruit Seed
    Extract is extracted from crushed grapefruit seeds and pulp with
    vegetable glycerine (which stabalises the extract) and heat.
    Additionally, a small amount of Vitamin C is added. No other chemicals
    are added.

    Additionally, we are aware of the stories regarding contamination of
    Grapefruit Seed Extract products. The main contaminants normally
    mentioned in these cases are Benzalkonium Chlroide and Benzethonium
    Chloride. As such, our manufacturer tests for these (as well as other
    known contaminants) during the production process. This product has been
    proven via lab analysis to be free of these contaminants. Please let us
    know if you have any further questions.

  86. She said that in one study the beneficial aspects came from the preservatives.. not the grapefruit. But before that she stated the destructive aspects of those preservatives. Then said she cannot take a supplement where the medicinal properties were made from preservatives.. (I repeat she said how bad they were to the body.. just in an earlier sentence)
    So she contradicted herself right there.
    Of course there is no way those preservatives are antifungal.. etc etc.
    She is entitled to her opinion but I will follow my instinct & go by actual proven beneficial experience.
    I use the nutribiotic… & trust it. When I see contradictions in reviews I just have to question them… BUT as everyone else she is entitled to share her opinion.
    Many Blessings!

  87. Came down with a bad flu that turned into bronchitis. Used this extract daily over a week in water with lemon and honey. Helped to cure a 60+ old along with some aspirin for the fever . Do not get flu shots and glad to share my experience . Apparently it helped to fight the H3N2 of 2018.

  88. Hi there,
    I have been researching the toxicity of GSE because I have been using Citricidal by Nutribiotic for many years and was so disturbed your blog about hidden toxins in GSE. NO offense to you personally, I just was shocked by it. I dug a little and found another blogger that wrote about it that had actually communicated with the company, Nutribiotic, themselves. Here is that link. IT seems that maybe this brand is using due diligence to keep their extract clean.


  89. Dear Heather,

    Thanks for your research and for sharing it with all of us.
    I am a classical homeopath working in Spain and usually use homeopathy for everything, but this time I was not sure which was the best remedy for my current symptomatology (as you probably know homeopathy only Works when symptoms of the patient match the symptoms of the remedy tested in healthy individuals). So, instead of risking a wrong choice in the homeopathy remedy, I decided to try something natural but not homeopathic.

    “”””””Just to clarify not because homeopathy would not have worked but just because I was unable to find the right remedy for me and for that condition. I can testify to classical homeopathy, recommend to everyone interested in learning the teather Prof. Vithoulkas””””””

    Anyway, For the first time I tried GSE. I was with 39ºC fever with strong stomach pain for about 36h. After first ingestión of 15 drops of the Brand Citrobiotic my fever lowered to 38.4ºC in 2hours.
    8 hours later fever was 37.5ºC. Stomach pains reduced 80%. Next dose same size 8 hours after first dose. 12 Hours later fever was 36.7ºC. Afterwards I had no more fever nor stomach pains.

    Anyway, I was thinking, what the hell is this stuff???? How could such a Little dose have such a big impact? Was I suppressing my conditions as with antibiotics or antiinflamatories?
    All these questions where dancing in my head. I decided to research and found your article, which is totally valid but still ambiguous. I also agree with the rest of people who suggested that the FDA is not interested in people knowing that GSE is stronger than antibiotics and painkillers.
    Anyway, I foudn an article that should help break the controversy: (by the way, according to my experience, homeopathy is a better option, as it not onlly solves the infection but also restores the immune system, so after the treatment you experience better energy levels and wellbeing that before the infection appeared, BUT REMEBER ONLY IF THE RIGHT REMEDY IS SELECTED, OTHERWISE YOU WILL SEE NO EFFECT OR JUST PALIATIVE EFFECT.

    I am just copyng the conclusión of the article and the article references:

    Z Cvetni} and S. Vladimir-Kne`evi}: Antimicrobial activity of grapefruit seed and pulp ethanolic extract, Acta Pharm. 54 (2004) 243– 250.

    “GSE products, commonly 33% water-glycerol solutions, are widely used as naturopathic remedies, natural foodstuff supplements, disinfectant and sanitizing agents as well as preservatives in food and cosmetic industry. However, some of commercially available products are not fully natural. Scientific studies showed that the composition of self-made extracts of grapefruit seeds was quite different from that of some commercial extracts. Artificial agents, such as benzethonium chloride, triclosan and methyl parabene, were identified in commercially available products (17, 18). Preservatives were detected in all the antimicrobially active extracts. Researchers have found that products not containing any preservatives and several self-made preparations failed to show antimicrobial efficacy and concluded that antimicrobial activity being attributed to GSE is merely due to the synthetic preservative agents it contains (19). Therefore, GSE has become a subject of contraversy. The present study contributes to the identification of the antibacterial and antifungal effects of the self-made ethanolic extract of grapefruit seeds and pulp.”

    “”Results reported here contribute to the knowledge of the antimicrobial efficacy of GSE. It has been established that the fully natural ethanolic extract of grapefruit seeds and pulp affects the tested bacteria and yeasts remarkably, but exerts less antimicrobial efficacy compared to some commercial preparations reported in the literature. These differences may be partly caused by the differences in the contents of polyphenols, especially flavonoids. This allows the conclusion that antibacterial and antifungal properties of commercially available products should not necessarily be the consequence only of the presence of synthetic preservative agents, as some authors claim. Since there is not enough scientific evidence to support the medical use of GSE, further phytochemical and biological investigations are needed.””

  90. Sorry if somebody else already mentioned this, but the 1 oz NutriBiotic Maximum GSE Liquid Concentrate is the original formula. I believe all other sizes are the newer formula which I find almost pointless. Like somebody said at the start of this huge thread: It has to foam when you shake/mix it, and it has to have only a bitter taste, not a taste of citrus. I just did 1 drop in 3 oz of water and wow, this stuff is powerful.

    • ALR so your saying the only product to use is GSE Liquid Maximum Concentrate? you say all other GSE products are pointless because they dont have the bitter taste? Can i just eat grapefruit seeds fermented in juice? im trying to kill candida i bought this product when i was 19 …didnt know what i was doing at all then….still now i have a clue and jesus christ i just want to kill this f’ing thing now!

  91. A thorough review of the study that “debunked” GSE on its own will reveal many flaws. Did you read the original study, or are you just parroting what the anti-holistic websites say? Part of the flaw in the original study is that they failed to differentiate compounded GSE with triclosan. They are very similar molecules but they have totally different actions. Triclosan and benzethonium chloride are toxic in smaller doses and if you worked your way up to the max therapeutic dose of 1600mg GSE per day, these chemicals would cause major health problems.

    Residual solvents in general are an issue, but it depends on brand. I use a brand that has no residual solvents, as proven by their application to the FDA. I won’t name the brand because I don’t want to endorse a product, but all you have to do is write to any given company and ask them for the lab work for their regulatory application that approved their sale of the product. In the U.S. that would be their FDA application. In the U.S. you have a consumer right to this info.

    You can then see in the application what kind of testing what done and if it means your satisfaction.

    GSE is a crucial anti-microbial in my life. It’s the best natural treatment for candida and it has wide spectrum effects on other kinds of infections, especially if you combine it with other natural anti-microbials.

  92. I’ve been using GSE for almost two decades and it’s never never let me down! First as a cure for Giardia and since to help with yeast infections and even used for my pets. One drop in my cats water each time I fill it up keeps them healthy and keeps the water fresh and clean. I’ve used GSE to remove warts and it works perfectly for this! I mix one drop with antibiotic ointment and use this to place on bug bites, warts, or to apply up my nose to eliminate any chance of catching a cold. This is the best product I have ever ever come across! I have sent this product to friends and they agree. One girl endlessly had ear infections and so could not enjoy swimming……she loved me after I sent her GSE as ear drops! No more ear infections! I have endless positive stories for GSE and 0 negative.

    • I dont know what is the porpouse for the blog on this subject. Header definitely never used real GSE and her reasearch is one sided only (FDA prefered). FDA does not like us to treat ourself without using big farma products. I cut off my reoccuring problem with UTI some 15 yeras ago (!). Everytime dentist prescribe me antybiotic I use GSE with the same results but no side effects. I helped my friends letting them know GSE works, mostly for dental issues. I was just dissapointed the Nutrabiotic change the ingediens in GSE w/o telling their long time customers. I just recently learned that you have to look for that citricidal ingridient.

  93. Does anyone have the original labels from the 2oz. Nutribiotic GSE bottles? That bottle had four peel out pages of recommendations and usages of useful information that is not on the new bottles.

  94. It’s 2019 and it appears that all these posts are a few years old. Since then, from what I’d heard, there was some type of a scandal/fight between NutriBiotic – the makers of liquid GSE — and their supplier of the most important compound: the CITRICIDAL — the one that gives GSE its bitter taste and does all the “work”.
    After that “fight” they banned NutriBiotic from using CITRICIDAL in their products, so as of now they sell diluted garbage that has no effect on ailments.
    I bet it was the Big Pharma that used mafia-like tactics to strong-arm the makers into stopping supplying this CITRICIDAL, as the Big Pharma was losing billions of dollars to a next-to-nothing $$ product. So, everything you buy now – regardless of the claims by NutriBiotic — pretty much has no therapeutic value/strength/concentration, so if you WON’T see any relief with your condition, you’ll know why. NutriBiotic can claim all they want about the “change” of their forumla, i.e. improved taste, etc., etc.., but the fact still remains: it’s NOTE the same GSE now as they were selling just a few years ago.
    Big Pharma’s “clever” devilish and satanic ways to earn more profit, while precluding people from getting cheap relief.
    FDA, AMA, CDC, Agriculture, Big Pharma, Food and other conglomerates — they are all in cahoots with each other, colluding how else to make more money on our collective backs and blocking us from getting quality treatments from natural sources.

  95. I use a wonderful French company, Aroma-Zone, for most of my herbal and essential oil needs (and they have great products for creating your own cosmetics, safe house cleaning needs, as they started out as a professional wholesale company for health professionals..) I think they now ship to the us as well, and of course to GB.
    In any case, they also have grapefruit seed as one of their natural protection against molding ingredients. But also other possibilities (all is documented on the site as well.) Which might be a useful resource for yourself and any of the readers..

    I however use silver colloidal water in my recipes to preserve any cosmetics et al (and for a thousand other things as well), and have found it to do the job beautifully. We got our machine, following the pharmacy’s recommendation (they use the same) from a German company Silverstab, and it works beautifully, but of course you may already have your own favourite for that. The only thing we don’t use the silver colloidal for is for anything the cats ingest, as they don’t have the capacity to rid their system of any excess metals the way humans do, but otherwise it adds another element of safety and health as well as protecting whatever was just created from molding, bacteria etc.

    Hope that’s all useful, and many thanks for your excellent site. Your daughter has a wonderful wise face, an old soul like so many being born now, I’d say…and a cutie to boot! Best to her, yourself, your family, and your readers here. We may be becoming a generation truly important in the preservation of a true way of lifr that respects our mum earth and each other, as the pharmas and frankenfood people are trying so hard to eliminate this knowledge and use of our world for us…and not their desperate pockets..
    blessings on you all

  96. I don’t care that some people are scared of GSE. Other people’s health is not my concern (unless they are my friends or relatives).
    But it just sounds illogical. If these rumors regarding dangerous chemicals in the GSE were true, why nobody sued the company yet?
    Also, from my personal experience, GSE was a godsend. Turned my health 180 in terms of good felling as well as on the papers (bloodtests). Oregano, berberine, caprylic acid, etc did nothing!
    BTW, there is FAQ section at nutribiotic’s website, where they explain the situation with dangerous chemicals rumor in their GSE.

  97. FDA is stricker than European bidy, how did you come up with that one? Hey please do more research, EU is is much thougher. Even American brand fast food restaurants use better quality ingredients in Europe.

  98. The posts above have been so helpful. From Heidi we know GSE is free from toxic synthetics, from Jo Fredriks we know it’s manufactured without solvents, and from the brochure I wrote about above we know it’s ten times more effective than other anti-microbial.

    More than enough to confirm what I know from years of use — this stuff works and safely too.

  99. Thank you for the information on the grapefruits seed extract. I have been searching all over for it as I have started selling organic products and was thinking of adding hydrosols. So face cream and hand creams are out if I use hydrosols? I do not use any chemicals in my products but I also do not have any products with water. What do you use?

    • To cut through the confusion above: Citricidal is the preferred formulation. Do not accept substitutes.

      You can find articles on the safety and efficacy of Citricidal grapefruit seed extract on the National Institutes of Health online database. Many uses for it are reviewed and published there.

  100. My son has eczema and food allergies so GSE was recommended to help his gut. They originally said Biocidin but it has Walnut which he tested positive to in blood test ….so they said Citricidal (GSE). Thoughts on this situation?

  101. So What can I use in place of GSE?🥴

    I have been breaking out in a RASH lately and was told it was HIVES🤷‍♀️.

    Ive been taking much more GSE per day lately.. maybe that why i am getting rashes and also swollen lumps kinda..

    Please tell me how to get PURE GRAPESEED EXTRACT without the preservative


  102. What HOGWASH!!!! Like with everything, you get ‘BAD’ stuff out there! This article as written ten years ago and has clearly not been updated! I agree with one comment that GSE should contain just two ingredients. Commonly, 34% GSE and vegetable gylcerine.

    The info is out there that there are inferior GSE that do contain Triclosan and other undesrables. GSE is wonderful, I have used it for over thirty years and have benefited greatly.
    Do you research and find a quality GSE. It is a God-send and it saddens me this lady degrades it’s fabulous qualities based, obviously on adulterated GSE.