DIY Goo And Gunk Remover

Heather Dessinger

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DIY Adhesive Remover (Like Goo Gone)

Whether it’s stickers applied to everything BUT paper or unidentified gooey substances left on the kitchen floor, there always seems to be something to un-gunk with little ones around. Fortunately, with just 2-3 ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, you can make a non-toxic adhesive remover that really works. It can be used on:

*If the surface is porous – natural, unsealed stone for example – the oil may absorb and discolor the surface. Make sure to check in an inconspicuous area before applying.

All you need is coconut oil, baking soda and a bit of essential oil if you have it on hand. Oh, and if you’re looking for simple solutions like this one, you can find 22 more uses for baking soda here.

Homemade Adhesive Remover

DIY Goo and Gunk Adhesive Remover (Like Goo Gone)


Special Tools


To Make

Blend all ingredients together and store in an airtight jar.

To Use
If you are removing a label, try to peel off the outer layer of paper before applying the goo and gunk remover. This will allow the mixture to penetrate more quickly. Spread paste onto sticky surface and let sit for 10-60 minutes – the longer it is left on the easier the removal process. Rub with a washcloth and rinse clean. Repeat if needed.

Important note: The baking soda in this formula is abrasive and may leave small scratches on certain surfaces, particularly plastic. Test a small area before applying it to the entire surface. I’ve used it very successfully with a variety of glass surfaces.

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    • Very smart. Why spend $$ on coconut oil when bacon grease serves the same purpose! My mother was famous for recycling common grease for various jobs, even as hand “cream!” She was frugal and smart.

  1. Any thoughts on removing carpet glue off wood floors? Your goop remover? Want to keep the finish on the floors. Used mineral spirits, but very slow process.