Natural Blush Recipe

Heather Dessinger

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Natural Blush Recipe

These days, when beauty companies promise us glowing skin, we don’t have to worry that it’s because they’ve put radioactive material in our face cream and powder. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot we need to be informed about, like parabens (hormone disruptors) and other problematic ingredients that are listed on labels, plus sneaky ingredients like asbestos that aren’t listed.

Fortunately, there are some really good makeup companies out there, and there’s always the option to save money and customize colors by making your own. It’s super easy, as you’ll discover when I show you how to make powdered blush below. You can also make homemade foundation powder, and the ingredients needed for the recipe below can also be used to whip up a creme blush and tinted lip balm.

Blending makeup is a great way to play with your hands, get creative and save money, but sometimes other things need to take priority. If that’s the case, you might be wondering . . .

What if I want to break-up with my makeup without making my own?

I haven’t come across a “perfect” makeup company to recommend to you yet, but when I don’t have time to make my own here are some brands I turn to. They’re not perfect, but they’re muuuch better than what you’ll find in most department stores. Orglamix has a lot of good stuff, and their mineral blushes and foundations don’t contain nanoparticles. You can read all about the ingredients they use here.

I also like Real Purity lipstickJuice Beauty lipstickJuice Beauty glowing cheek colorReal Purity mascara, and Jane Iredale eye pencils. There are more, but that’s for another post. Now, on to the blush recipes!

This natural blush recipe is easy to make, saves money, and can be customized to fit your color preferences.

Natural Blush Recipe

Above are three of my blushes. They each have the same 3-4 ingredients, just different ratios. Number one is pure pink, while number two is pink with a bit of bronze mixed in. I call number three “sun kissed,” because although it looks brown in the jar, it’s really a bronzy-pink that makes me look like I’ve been laying on the beach. (Gah, I wish!)

Each recipe fits in one of these 2 ounce round steel tins


Recipe #1 – Pure Pink

Mix together until thoroughly combined. Apply to clean, moisturized skin.

Recipe #2 – Pink With A Touch Of Bronze

Mix together until thoroughly combined. Apply to clean, moisturized skin.

Recipe #3 – Sun Kissed

Mix together until thoroughly combined. Apply to clean, moisturized skin.

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