Moisturizing Homemade Body Wash (3 Ingredient Recipe)

Heather Dessinger

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Homemade body wash on table with natural sponge and suds

Can I just say I have never had more fun testing a recipe for you? I mean, I’m a mom, so showers are optional some days. (Thank goodness for dry shampoo!) Anyway, when I tested this homemade body wash, I convinced myself that it was my JOB to shower. It was one I took seriously, especially after one too many mishaps with my favorite shampoo bar and my tried-and-true coconut oil body bar.

You see, they look identical, which is fine if you mix them up and shave your legs with the shampoo bar. But grabbing the body bar by mistake and washing your hair? Yeah, that doesn’t end well.

My solution? This simple natural body wash recipe – it creates a rich, bubbly lather, moisturizes while cleansing, and most importantly, can’t be confused with a shampoo bar. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients, shall we?

DIY Body Wash Ingredients

There are three basic components to this homemade body wash: a cleanser and two moisturizers that promote lather.

Liquid Castile Soap

Made from pure olive, coconut and/or hemp oil, castile soap is incredibly gentle – many with sensitive skin use it exclusively. I prefer this brand.


Contrary to what you might expect, honey adds moisture and lather without being at all sticky. It’s equally loved by all skin types for its infusion of nutrients: Vitamins B, C, E & K, beta-carotene, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, copper and manganese. In this recipe it also thickens the mixture and increases the suds factor.

I’ve tested this DIY body wash with raw honey, store-bought honey that was kind of runny, and store-bought honey that was super thick. They all worked beautifully.

Moisturizing Oil

Soap can be drying, so it’s important to add a natural moisturizer such as olive, avocado, or almond oil to this recipe to replenish skin’s moisture. Coconut oil that is solid at room temperature is not a good option because it tends to separate, but fractionated coconut oil will work.

Essential Oil (Optional)

Although completely optional, essential oils can be a nice addition. I especially like adding peppermint essential oil for a “Wake Up Body Wash” formula, and lavender and vanilla make a sweet bedtime bath recipe for children. Here are some specific suggestions based on requests I’ve received.

Babies & Children

– OR –

– OR –

Wake-Up Wash

* Peppermint and rosemary essential oils are both very strong, so I recommend starting with 30 and testing before adding more. Also, they are not generally recommended for use with children under the age of six. To make a wake-up wash that is kiddo safe, use spearmint essential oil instead. Click here to learn more about using essential oils safely with children.

Manly Scent

Wild Vanilla

Note: If you’re using Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile soap or another essential oil-infused soap, you’ll want to reduce (or eliminate) the number of essential oil drops used in the recipe so that it’s not overpowering (and potentially irritating to skin.)

This simple DIY homemade body wash recipe creates a rich, bubbly lather and moisturizes while cleansing. All you need are three natural ingredients you probably already have on hand!
Homemade body wash on table with natural sponge and suds
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DIY Homemade Body Wash Recipe

The rich, bubbly lather of this homemade body wash recipe cleanses while moisturizing. You probably have everything you need to make it right now!
Author Heather Dessinger


  • bowl or blender
  • mixing spoon
  • squeeze-top soap dispenser



To Make

  • Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix until thoroughly combined, or place ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly.
  • Pour into a squeeze-top or pump-top soap dispenser.

To Use

  • Shake well before using.
  • Shake 2-3 times before use. This recipe will separate after awhile but all you need to do is shake a few times and you’re good to go. Easy peasy.
  • Add body wash to a soft natural sponge, loofah sponge  or washcloth and use like you would any body wash.


Storage / Shelf Life: Up to one year.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this as hand soap?


Can I use vegetable glycerin instead of honey?

I tried it and noticed two things. It wouldn’t lather and it left a weird film on my skin. Maybe it would work if the amount of glycerin was reduced.

Want more skin care recipes?

Here are a few of my favorites:

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Honey face wash – This simple cleanser clarifies and nourishes while promoting cell renewal and hydration. It rinses away clean, leaving behind soft, moisturized skin.

Foaming Hand Soap – Undiluted castile soap easily clogs soap dispensers, so I asked the lovely people at Dr. Bronner’s if they could suggest some guidelines for safely using their product in a foaming hand soap recipe. You’ll find their recommendations in the article.

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Heather is a holistic health educator, herbalist, DIYer, Lyme and mold warrior. Since founding in 2009, Heather has been taking complicated health research and making it easy to understand. She shares tested natural recipes and herbal remedies with millions of naturally minded mamas around the world. 

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  1. I have tried a similar recipe that also used honey but it also used coconut oil. The problem I had was that EVERYTHING seperated. I like how this recipe looks and I plan on trying it but I am curious, is the honey essential or would regular store bought honey work?? I am concerned about separating and also cost as we use mainly local raw honey

    • Hi Moriah, the type of coconut oil that is solid at room temp is not recommended for this recipe because it will separate and be difficult to re-mix. If you want to use fractionated coconut oil, though, it will work. Even when a liquid oil is used this recipe will separate after awhile, but all you need to do is shake it 2-3 times and you’re good to go. Easy peasy. 🙂

      Oh, and I’ve tested this recipe with raw (runny), raw (solid), and store bought honey and they all worked beautifully.

        • Yes it will. Since it’s fractioned cocunut oil the fat is taken out so it stays a liquid. Just like when you use it as a carrier oil for essential oils.

      • Can fractionated coconut oil be used? I know alot of recipes call for melted coconut oil but the fractionated coconut oil is liquid already. I am very new to all this and just learning, is there a difference between the solid and liquid coconut oil??? Thanks much for a learning experience!

      • Just be careful with store bought honey. About 80% of store bought honey in the USA is not pure unadulterated honey but has been mixed with rubbish and has been so processed there is little goodness left in it. Check YouTube or Netflix for a doco about it

    • 5 stars
      I love this simple and easy to make recipe. I have tried it on my son with Down Syndrome who has dry and sensitive skin and it helped his skin look better. I made the manly version for my husband who suffers from ichthyosis and hope he tries it. I did add cedar wood and orange to the manly scent.

  2. How much would you recommend using for one wash?? Trying to make it stretch as far as possible and be cost efficient.

  3. Thank you!! I have been attempting a homemade body wash for my husband for years and I could not get a good result. Can’t wait to try it!!

  4. Heather,
    I love your recepies. This one is looking realy good.I just have one question.
    I would like to know if the honey would or could cause yeast infection if it used in the intim parts of your body.
    Thank you for all the help
    I would really appreciate a help with that.

    • I’ve been using a different recipe that also uses honey and have not had any irritation in my intimate area. I believe it is safe to use daily.

    • I typed in yeast infections and honey in google and was surprised to see that honey is actually used as a homemade remedy for this issue! I know honey is a “superfood” but I didn’t know that!

        • Unfortunately, olive oil cannot replace castile soap in this recipe. The soap has gone through a process called saponification which changes it’s composition.

          • G’day from Down Under!
            I am also unable to buy castile soap and I have not yet found any olive oil soaps so, please let me know of an alternative product or if there is a reliable website where I can obtain castile soap at a reasonable price??

          • I have been getting my Castile from for a couple of years.. I think they ship overseas too. I am going to try making this recipe for bath time tonight!

      • Actually these days any soap can legally be labeled “castile” regardless of whether it has any olivate. These sort-of-castile soaps are referred to by soap hobbyists as “bastile”, as in bastardized castile.

        So when someone says they got good results using “castile soap”, you don’t really know what kind of soap that was without further info. About the only thing you can tell by that name is that it’s actual soap soap, rather than “soap”, because at least in the USA for the past 40 years you can even label other soaplike detergents as “soap”, but “castile” so far is still reserved for product made of actual fatty acid salt.

        • Castille soap is very easy to make. I haven’t bought liquid handsoap for about 1.5yrs. You need a slow cooker to make it. 1 bottle of olive oil goes a very long way! You make a paste that is diluted for use and thicken with a little saline. Add essential oils and it’s fabulous. Great satisfaction in using a homemade product. I also made a coconut oil liquid soap that is fantastic for home cleaning. Lots of recipes and instructions online. That’s how I learned. And it’s so cheap as the Dr. Bronner’s etc. Is expensive.

      • Hi Dell,
        Castile soap is super easy to make. I make mine with olive oil only (the traditional way) and I also make a liquid castile soap. Just google (liquid castile soap recipe). Make it. Save lots of money. I make what I think I would use in the year. Therefore, only one lot of mess. Also shop around for the water prices vary considerably.

    • Hi Linglee,

      If you haven’t already come across it on the website, there is a coconut shampoo bar recipe available with video turorial, or if you buy heathers book (one of the best books I’ve bought to date – my go to!) she has a honey shampoo recipe amongst many others. Happy shampoo making to you!

  5. I LOVE the way this soap makes my skin feel but it just doesn’t get sudsy for me! Is it maybe the kind of water we have at our house? I’d love to get my husband on board with this soap but as long as it’s not bubbly he won’t go near it! 🙂

    • I am in the same boat! No foam whatsoever and my husband won’t touch it. I have tried adding more castile soap to no avail. I washed my hands with straight castile soap and didn’t get much foam either, so I think that is my problem. Unfortunately, I have been unable to source another body use brand from the one I am using here in South Africa, but I’ll keep looking as I really love this wash and want my whole family to use it.

      If anyone has a different suggestion that would be great!

      • This is the recipe I am using as a face make up remover (with the same ingredients):
        – 1 Table spoon of honey (heaping) – any kind
        – 1 cup of warm water (to dissolve honey)
        – 1 Tablespoon castille soap (liquid)
        – 1 teaspoon career oil (almond, olive, jojoba, etc )
        Mix everything in a foam soap bottle. You can add any essential oil or blend of EO.
        This mix is economical, moisturizing and gives a lot of foam 🙂

        • Based on the ratio of water to other ingredients in this recipe I think it would have a very short shelf life before bacteria could become an issue. Just something to keep in mind . . .

    • No castille will foam for me, our water is too hard. Ive used a foam pump & the bubbles quickly go flat. I’ve bought castille that is guaranteed to foam up, but it doesn’t. And I’ve made my own, pure, castille since most store bought have coconut soap in them too. Still no suds.

        • that defeats the purpose of this being all natural unless your using an all natural baby shampoo…but baby shampoo is full of chemicals unfortunately. Just FYI.

      • Add 1 to 1-1/2 tsp sugar to each 1 pound of Castile soap. For better lathering capabilities. I haven’t tried this yet but found it on internet. Good Luck!

    • I have the same problem. It doesn’t suds up at all and even putting it on my bath puff results in no suds and the puff just ends up feeling scratchy on my skin. I am using a ton of the soap because of this. After I run the puff over one arm it feels like there is no soap left on the puff so I have to squirt more onto the puff. I am doing this about 6-10 times while taking a shower. Wish I could get it sudsier and keep the natural properties also.

  6. Hi. I’m a vegan and would love to try this recipe. Was wondering if you can suggest any other alternatives for honey?
    Thank you 🙂

    • You can use Stevia Nectar. It comes from a plant so you should be good to go. However, you’re going to lose out on great properties in honey.

    • Hi just one suggestion…i found that if you cant find castile soap, you can also make it yourself with just cheap unscented bars of soap. You shave them down in a big pot and then add about 1 to 2 gallons of hot water and stir until dissolved. It is a great substitute especially if you are on a fixed income as i am.

  7. I was wondering if you could add an emulsifier ingredient to the recipe in order to prevent the product from separating? I think I will try to do it. I’ve done that with simular recipes before. I dislike the separating, even with shaking the product up, it never mixes evenly.

  8. I am curious to know if you or anyone else has tried this in the bath?? Bubble baths are one thing I have yet to find a natural recipe for!

    • No, but I can tell you in advance on general principles, it won’t work unless your water is softened (or if you use so much soap it softens the entire tubful of water). Even then, the oil in this recipe will break the bubbles quickly. And if you do succeed in making a bath sudsy with soap (actual soap soap), say by leaving out the oil in this liquid recipe, it’s going to be more grease-cutting on skin than commercial bubble baths for the same amount of bubbles. Most surfactants used in bubble baths have a higher ratio of bubbliness to detergency than soaps do.

    • I wonder if I did something wrong… It didn’t lather much and coated my skin in oil. Water just beaded off my skin and when I ran my nails over my skin, there was tons of this stuff under my nails.. it wouldn’t stop coming off.

      After drying off, my skin feels dry, it is hard to explain the feeling. I followed the recipe to a T and I have a shower head that fixes our water.

  9. Heather, This recipe is awesome!! My family loves (me) “experimenting” with different EOs. I make a big batch (triple recipe) without EOs and pour off to smaller personal bottles that I add EOs to based on the users request. So fun and so wonderful!

  10. I just made this body wash recipe last night. Used it this morning and my skin is so soft (which is saying something since I am 8 months pregnant and prone to drier skin right now). It also smells great. I used Lavender castille soap, olive oil, honey, and no added essential oils. Thanks so much! So glad I can eliminate another chemical-laden product I use 🙂

  11. Hi I am new to all of this
    Could you please clarify for the 1/3 cup of oils is that 1/3 of each oil also do you have a solution for the separation would the emulsifier work and how much

    • It is just 1/3 cup oil total for the recipe. There is no emulsifier in this recipe, but it’s not a problem at all. Just shake before using 🙂

      • Hi Heather! Greetings from Maine! As I’ve been reading the comments, someone suggested using an immersion blender. I tried both ways (blending vs shaking) and the blended definitely works better! I am curious though…does blending it take away from the individual properties of the ingredients at all?

  12. Hi, I love this recipe & so does my skin 🙂
    I was wondering if you would recommend using this as a facial cleanser at all?

  13. It is extremely runny. I used ‘straight from the bee’ honey — so raw. I used organic Spectrum’s olive oil — unheated + castile soap.

    I shake it up before every use, but super runny — waste some because it is so runny. Any suggestions to correct this?

  14. Can you use hemp oil in recipe for body wash? If so how much per gallon? Thanks. I haven’t tried yours ( or any!) yet but looking forward to it!

  15. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone has noticed the “gross” smell after unscented castile soap is mixed with other products. I’ve added it to sugar scrubs and now made this body was which I love but even after adding essential oils… The smell is so gross. My 7 year old even thinks it smells discusting.
    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Alicia, do you think the soap might be interacting with something in the honey or oil? Variations are to be expected with different batches of honey/oil, so perhaps it is something unique to what you have on hand? My body wash smells slightly sweet (honey-like) without essential oils, not gross at all.

    • I’ve had the same experience! I paid $15 for raw unfiltered Australian Honey and added EO. The soap smells like old cooking grease, but when I washed my hands with it, I could smell the fragrance I used. Could it be because the honey isn’t solid or creamy?

  16. Hi! Any recommendation for an all natural sea sponge? We’ve been using synthetic sponges but I’ve read that these can harbor bacteria so looking for a better option.

  17. I didn’t exactly use this recipe because I didn’t use honey but I’m desperately searching for what I did wrong in the body wash I made. I used dr. Bronners Castile soap and fractionated ( liquid) coconut oil and a little sweet orange essential oil and it worked great the first day but the next day it completely solidified into a gel… Any idea why this would happen??? I’m completely confused as I’ve used all these ingredients in other things and they never solidified…

  18. I just made this and it foams beautifully!! I am in the process of going all natural and have made all my own cleaning products, laundry detergent, and EO roller balls for different ailments. I love this recipe, I made it with vanilla and lavender EOs and it smelt so good. My 7year old daughter liked it so I know it’s good!!! Can’t wait to follow you!!

  19. Would apricot seed oil work? No one ever seems to say anything about apricot seed oil and it’s supposed to be a great antioxidant… Am I missing something? ?

  20. I would love to find a DIY body wash that does not start out with buying the base product. I have tried making liquid soap, but with limited luck. Do you or will you at some point find a product you make from start to finish with raw ingredients?

  21. I just wanted to say that I bought some of Dr. Bonner’s 18 in 1 Hemp Lavender Castile Soap at GNC for $15.99+ tax on Wednesday. It was a 32 oz. bottle. They also had it in Peppermint and Tea Tree. With tax it only came to $17.11. I think this is a very good buy

  22. Looking forward to trying this. I’m curious, though, how this can last up to a year without going bad. Is there some kind of preservative in Castile soap? Otherwise, I can’t imagine bacteria not building up. I’m hoping you can put my mind at ease. Thank you!

    • Honey can stay good for years – in fact, unspoiled honey has been found in Egyptian tombs. The two other ingredients, castile soap and oil, also have long shelf lives. Not thousands of years, but at least one. 🙂

    • Oils are too thick for foaming pumps. Squeeze in into a loofah and it will foam. I use veg glycerin instead of olive oil and raw honey is too expensive where we live to wash with.

  23. Hi. I really appreciate your blog and wonder if the honey and oil combination would be safe for my septic. I am very cautious of what and how much of it goes down into the septic tank.

  24. I enjoy your posts very much-thank you for sharing!
    But, oh my goodness, you forgot to add a preservative to your wash!! Other than that, I think this would be a doable formula. Honey is a wonderful additive, especially when a preservative is added to a formula to prevent mold.
    When using a formula that contains water, a preservative is necessary to prevent the formation of mold (bacteria). This holds true whether we are making a soap type product, lotion or cream. A cleansing product such as a shower soap or hand wash needs a preservative when water and soap (no matter what other natural ingredients are used) are combined. Adding honey to this type formula will not preserve the product. Honey is a natural food product and by itself, in the jar or bottle, it will NEVER mold. But when we add honey (or aloe vera gel) to a product containing water, bacteria will grow quickly, within a day or two. We can keep the product in the fridge for a few days (WITHOUT a preservative) without having a tremendous amount of bacteria growing but I doubt many of us will go run to the fridge, grab our shower soap then return it after the shower.
    There is an article (from a blog) from a cosmetic scientist, Susan Barclay that we should all read about preservatives! Look for
    “When should you use a preservative?” written on Sunday, January 29, 2002 in the search block on the right side of the screen. Her blog is name Swiftcraftymoney and it will take you weeks to go through and read all of her posts…they go back for many, many years. Susan shares formulas for making skin care and bath products. And she gives explanations about products and why they work…just fascinating information. Most of her blogs are very intense with ingredients that most of us would never buy and use-cost prohibitive unless we are wanting to learn to be skin care formulators. But she does share formulas for simple products without 15-20 ingredients in them that are manageable for the home DIY enthusiast.
    Adding a thickener to the formula will help for those who think it is too thin and watery. Xanthan gum is a good thickener, the powdered product we add to gluten free flour recipes. This will take some experimenting however. The recommended rate of xanthan gum is only 0.1% to 0.3% of the total volume of the product being made. Bone up on your math skills for this formula!! And be sure to use a preservative! I use Optiphen Plus preservative in my soap cleansing product. It is available at many sites like, Elements Bath and Body, etc. I also use Polysorbate 20 to emulsify oils and water (such as essential oils and water) as oil and water do not mix (water is polar, oils are non-polar) and a surfactant is needed to make the oil and water STAY mixed. Shaking does not properly mix a product containing oil and water without a surfactant to emulsify it.

  25. Hi Heather,
    I was wondering if I could add Vitamin E to this recipe and if so how much would be a good amount?
    Thanks in advance,

  26. I have a commercial body wash which has a scent that I LOVE! Can you recommend what I can add to it for my dry skin? I don’t want to change the scent.

  27. How can I use this as a base for a detoxifying body wash with activated charcoal. I want a liquid body wash not a bar soap. I have made this and love it but I want to incorporate activated charcoal.

  28. Love this! What do you suggest to thicken it? I have every cosmetic ingredient possible, but am not yet an experienced formulator. Many thanks!

  29. Hi Heather – have been reading a lot of your DIY posts lately (as I’ve been very unwell & started reading up on all the chemicals in all our household products) so your recipes appeal to me. I tried this recipe and like others – the final product isn’t very foamy nor create suds. Used the products you recommended (raw honey, castille soap & avocado oil) but it doesn’t seem right – any suggestions?? Many thanks! Christine

  30. I’m not sure which type of pump dispenser to buy.. I feel like Castile soap would do better in a foaming dispenser but not sure if the honey would clog it?? If anyone could give me feedback that would be great, thanks!

  31. I’d like to try this but I get concerned about using oil in it. Has anyone had the oil in this bodywash clog their drain?

  32. Omg this sounds easy and awesome!!! But I have a few too many questions & some regarding this body wash! Lol.
    #1 Do you think Makuna Honey would be ok instead, I have it is why I ask or would it be better, & cheaper to go buy the kind you suggest?? And #2 (anyone plz feel free to chime in) I’ve never used essential oils for a man before BUT I’m doing my very FIRST try at natural, homemade products for Xmas gifts this year. The first set will be for my sister who just had a baby a month ago & I’m planning 3 items: fizzing bath salts (like bath bombs but not made using a mould) using Himalayan Pink Salts, epsom salts, Geranium E.O. etc. Since the salts are pink I am doing a floral scented theme. Also making her little “Coconut Oil Moisturizing Drops” like mini oil/lotion bars with coconut oil, and it said various citrus rinds (but I think it’s the wrong time of the year for that) so I was thinking of a tad of dried rosemary &/ dried herbs? Oh and scented with Rosemary. I am BRAND new to all of this DIY body stuff. So plz feel free to let the advice flow. For the oil lotion drop things you basically just pour it all (oil & then herbs last) into a mould & refrigerate- it’s for newbies.) The last is a Himilayan foot soak. The recipe I saw called for obviously the salt, epsom salt, baking soda etc. & peppermint essential oils but I don’t know about peppermint since it doesn’t go with my floral, feminine theme. Are there any other floral scents nice for a foot soak? Ylang Ylang? Jasmine? I know peppermint is ALWAYS used but never understood why lol. OK so then I decided to make the same 3 products but for her husband. Bc last minute I remembered he occasionally likes baths so I thought last night “wait! Why not make the same for him?!” But now definitely will make him this body wash instead of the foot soak!!!
    Question is what 3 scents are best for men or even just 1 or 2?? I’ve never ever used one on or for a man and need help!

  33. I made mine using liquid coconut oil, Dr. Bronner’s hemp rose castile soap and raw honey. Mixed thoroughly and placed it in a foam bottle for the shower and it didn’t foam. So, I poured it into a pump container (my container is clear and the soap has an amber color to it with no separation) and I get great reviews from everyone who uses it.

    How do I clean the containers before each refill?

  34. Would this also work as a shampoo? Maybe without the oil? My shampoo now has honey and coconut oil in it, but I’m looking for something more natural.

  35. I used almond-scented liquid Castile soap (Dr. Woods brand), borage oil, and gently heated the raw honey in a double boiler until it was pourable. Then I used a wire whisk to mix it all together thoroughly. Smells heavenly, and my skin feels amazing after using it. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  36. Looking forward to making this recipe as soon as I can get out to purchase some liquid castille soap. Just about every store around here carries it. My plan for the oil is to use the infused oil I’ve made for whenever I make your salve. Right now I’ve got two different blends, one with hemp oil and the other with grape seed oil.

  37. Why not just use the castile soap alone? I am stunned to read add honey…and oil! Castile soap, Dr. Bronner’s, soaps right up for us – for the last 20 yrs.

    • Castile soap by itself dries out my skin. This recipe does not. So, if it works for you, great, but those of us with a tendency toward dry skin need the oil and honey.

  38. Wait a minute! You previously wrote that you DID once use your all-coconut superfatted body soap bar on your hair, and were very pleased with the results. Now you write “that doesn’t end well”? Which is it?

    The only thing you mentioned that was at all wrong with using the body soap on hair was the amount of superfatting, and that even then the overall effect was pretty good. I’ve known some people to like more superfat on hair than on skin, and others like you, vice versa.

  39. I would love to get the free e-book mentioned above! DIY Body Care Gifts Made Simple.
    I absolutely love this body wash recipe! I wouldn’t ever use store bought again!

  40. I use this myself and it’s absolutely wonderful! I’m seven months pregnant though with my first and I wanted to double-check, this would be safe for baby, right? Thank you 🙂

  41. Heather, water is the first ingredient in dr bronner’s castile soap 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Palm Kernel Oil*, Organic Olive Oil*, Lavandin Extract, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Lavender Extract, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

    Your recipe needs a preservative. Vitamin E would be fine.

    • Hi Nicole, the water has been saponified as part of the soapmaking process, and is therefore considered shelf stable. Vitamain E is an excellent antioxidant but because it does not inhibit bacterial growth it cannot be classified as a preservative.

  42. Hi!
    Great article. I didn’t know about honey creating lather! I have a few questions for you:

    – Can I add vegetable glycerine or guar gum or both to thicken this and make it more gel-like?
    – Can I use Leucidal (a preservative) to make this last longer?
    – Can I use natural butters to make it a creamy consistency?
    – Can I use the same dye I use for making bar soaps to add a hint of color?

    Thanks in advance!

    • – Possibly, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t offer specific guidance.
      – Possibly, but if you’re using essential oils you’ll want to use the body wash within a few months or however long their listed shelf life is. Essential oils are the most likely thing in this recipe to oxidize.
      – Natural butters would need an emulsifier to incorporate. It might work but I haven’t tested it.
      – I would think so.

  43. I’m so excited to try this! I’m in need of a different body wash right now and will absolutely be trying this soon. It’s made my day to see this post! 🙂

  44. Dear Heather,
    First off I would like to commend you for your patience in dealing with some of these truly ignorant comments. Secondly, I would like to ask your opinion on the lathering issue. We have hard water, so that is probably the culprit. Someone had mentioned palm kernel flakes? Haven’t researched them yet. Just wondered what you thought might help. Don’t need a lot of lather, just a bit. Thanks for your time!

  45. Have given this a go – was amazed that I could buy this exact brand of castile soap in rural New Zealand! I used rosehip oil as my moisturizing oil and added some essential oils (Jasmine and ylang ylang). I blended it up with honey and it went so thick and wonderful I couldn’t wait to try it…. until I opened it up a took a sniff.

    Dang. That was gross.
    I’ve read a few comments that have said something similar. Something about this recipe doesn’t mix well with added scents! I made another tiny batch in a cup and smelt it after adding each ingredient. I put them all in but omitted the Ylang ylang and the honey. It smelt okay – but not incredible. Hey it’s better than gross right! It lathered well in the shower but I think after this runs out I will try alternatives. Maybe even try making my own soap base!

  46. 4 stars
    I just made this. I like it, it doesn’t suds great, but I have well water, which may prevent super sudsing…I am more ‘concerned’ with the 1)smell and 2)too much oil for the other ingredients.
    I added in some extra honey, and added essential oils, carrot seed, myrrh and frankincense to help offset the odor.
    It may be the oil(s) I added, I wanted Rosehip seed but couldn’t find mine (I’m in a remodel and much of my stuff is in storage right now) So I used Sasha Inchi, which MRH says is great for skin and I could find it!!! Plus some Evening Primrose that I also found, about half/half for the E.P. and S.I. They may have strong odors, I didn’t smell first. I also am a bit annoyed that the honey won’t fully incorporate, no matter how much I shake!!! Perhaps using a blender would work, but I thought the soap might overflow, as it is, it pretty much has sudsed itself out, I think! LOL! I used this in my shower this afternoon and it did well. Don’t use sponges, but used my washcloth and it did well, (except for the smell!). I think this is going to be a great recipe, with perhaps a few tweaks.

  47. I tried this recipe for shower cleanser. I wanted to like it, however, I just didn’t feel clean afterwards, like there was still stuff on my skin. Maybe I’m too used to being squeaky clean or I overdid something

  48. Just scrolled down through several years of comments, but there’s no question about the effect of the scent of honey on insects! When I used a homemade sugar scrub, I got a lot more insect bites than I have since I started making the scrub with salt. Has anyone had any experience with increased susceptibility to bug bites with this recipe?

  49. I put the shampoo bars in round molds so that they are not confused, even with my eyes closed. The body bars, are large rectangles.

  50. This recipe didn’t work. I tried it with exact measurements. It didn’t lather or foam in my foaming soap dispenser. There’s just too much oil, or honey, I think. I then tried doubling the liquid castile soap – which helped a bit, but I probably need ten times that much to get it to foam properly.

  51. 5 stars
    I have tried your whipped shea butter and deodorant, and I LOVE them Both! I can’t wait to try the Body wash.
    I used a sandalwood and vanilla combo for my underarm deo-it smells so good.
    Thank you for putting such amazing things into the world. You’re a beautiful person!!

  52. I have tried your body wash recipe along with some others and can not get my mixture to foam or lather?
    I’ve tried a pump bottle and a squirt bottle. Please help xx

  53. 5 stars
    I made this recipe but use it to wash my face. It is very nice but the combination of lavender with the honey and castille soap is not very pleasant. Can you tell me what the ph is? Does the honey make the soap more acidic and so better for the skin?

  54. 5 stars
    Dear Mommypotamus, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this recipe. Bar none, the most luxurious all-in-one wash. Body, face, hair have all been transformed. I’m in my late 50s so, lucky me (not), Mother Nature has imparted the cruel joke on me that is menopause. This recipe as a body wash has restored my body skin (no more dry, itchy, irritated skin anywhere). The skin on my face used to look tired and pulled, but it is now dewy and plump, completely rejuvenated. As if the dramatic improvement to my body and face wasn’t enough, where it blew my mind was with my hair. I have long, thick, curly hair that’s also dry. This wash cleans my hair without stripping it. It also moisturised my curls so much so that I now use about half the amount of conditioner I used to need. And I’ve been able to reduce my other products to just a couple of stylers specific to curls. Seriously, I never would have imagined my daily shower could feel like a head-to-toe luxury spa treatment at home. Dr. Bronner’s unscented Castile soap, honey and fractionated coconut oil are my new go-to. Hats off to you, Mommypotamus! So happy to have stumbled upon your site. 😁

  55. 3 stars
    This is a little on the runny side for me once I add about 30 drops of EO. Any natural ways to thicken it? I’ve read salt can be added. Thanks.

  56. It seems to be a good recipe! I like how it feels on my skin and I also use it as a shampoo. But to make sure, you add no water to this in the bottle correct? Just the ingredients of carrier oil, soap and honey (essential oils of wanted)?