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I’ve gotta say, I’ve never felt quite so ready to say goodbye to a year. That’s why I’m putting a little more oomph into my family’s celebration, including a simple idea from Ruth Soukup that I think will be a fun conversation starter.

It’s called “High, Low & Interesting,” and the way it works is that each person shares one high from the year, one low, and something interesting . . . and whomever shares the most interesting thing wins $1. I thought I’d pass the idea along in case you want to include it in your celebration to.

Also, in case you missed them the first time around, here are this year’s most popular posts in order of LEAST to MOST popular.

gardening for beginners

#10 – Vegetable Gardening for Beginners (Tips + How To Start)

I once killed a cactus so I guess you could say I’m not the natural “green thumb” type. However, I’ve discovered that with just a little know-how, growing nutritious vegetables, fruits and herbs is totally possible, and it’s not necessary to spend hours in your garden every week to be successful at it.

In this article I’ll cover:

  • Choosing your setup (raised beds, options for small spaces, etc.)
  • Top vegetable options for a beginner
  • Basic tools needed
  • Managing pests naturally

Click Here for Beginners Gardening Tips

Overhead shot of lemon mousse in jar

#9 – Lovely Lemon Mousse (Dairy-Optional)

Made with my easy lemon curd and coconut whipped cream (or regular cream), this lemon mousse is light, fluffy, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Click Here To Get The Lemon Mousse Recipe

does elderberry cause cytokine storms

#8 – Does Elderberry Cause Cytokine Storms?

Like many of you, this year I came across several articles saying that elderberry should be avoided because it might cause cytokine storms. ⁣

Safety is my top priority when using herbs, so this is definitely a topic that I felt I needed to become informed about. ⁣This article covers what a cytokine storm is, what clinicians and herbalists say, and what I’m doing personally.

Click To Read: Does Elderberry Cause Cytokine Storms?

how to boost your immune system

#7 – Twelve Ways To Support Your Immune System Naturally

My fire cider and elderberry tea recipes have been very popular this week, and I’m guessing it’s because we’re all looking for ways to support a strong immune system.

With that in mind, here are some practical tips for doing that.

Bottle of hydrogen peroxide with spray nozzle top for cleaning

#8 – Fourteen Hydrogen Peroxide Uses for Cleaning & Disinfecting

According to the CDC, 3% hydrogen peroxide (the kind commonly found on store shelves), “is a stable and effective disinfectant when used on inanimate surfaces.”

It has to be used properly, though, and in this article I’ll cover what you need to know.

how to grow sprouts

#5 – How To Grow Sprouts In Your Kitchen The Easy Way

Here’s my super simple method for growing nutrient-dense, fresh sprouts at home. It doesn’t require any special equipment, can save you money, and is a great way to get in extra sulforaphane.

If you haven’t heard about it before, sulforaphane is one of the most potent phytochemicals for activating the Nrf2 pathway – sometimes called the “longevity pathway.”

Click To FInd Out How To Grow Sprouts In Your Kitchen

homemade ginger ale recipe

#4 – Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe

This probiotic-rich, naturally fizzy homemade ginger ale is easy to make and super delish.

Click Here To Get My Ginger Ale Recipe

hydrogen peroxide and vinegar disinfectant cleaner

#3 – DIY Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar All-Purpose Cleaner

According to the CDC, hydrogen peroxide “is a stable and effective disinfectant when used on inanimate surfaces,” but it has to be used properly.

In this article I explain how to make a vinegar + peroxide all purpose cleaning duo for countertops, tables and other hard, non-porous surfaces.

Click for My Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

how to make gluten free boule bread

#2 – How To Make Gluten-Free Artisan Bread (Boule Bread)

This gluten-free artisan bread has a golden, crusty outside and a soft, airy inside with a sourdough-style flavor. It’s easy to make, too!

Click Here for My Gluten-Free Artisan Bread Recipe

how to clean washing machine

#1 – How To Clean Your Washing Machine (Front or Top Loader)

I used to think that washing machines were self-cleaning: Just toss in your dirty clothes, a scoop or two of laundry detergent, and the machine cleans the clothes AND itself, right?

Unfortunately, no. Washing machines can develop buildup from soap scum and hard-water deposits, and they’re vulnerable to mold and mildew, too. Here’s how to clean your washing machine so that your laundry comes out cleaner than when you put it in.

Find Out How To Clean Your Washing Machine Here

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